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SGA fic: Safe Harbor

This is fic #5 for ibarw week, and the last one I have written. Shamelessly self-indulgent h/c, what else?

Title: Safe Harbor
Word Count: 1200
Season: Season 3; spoilers for "Sateda"
Summary: Gen. Ronon and Rodney in a blizzard.

Safe HarborCollapse )
Waaargh...this is so adorable! There needs to be more Rodney-Ronon h/c out there. Ronon takes such very good care~! But ahhhh it's too short...where's the rescue? just a little bit more? *whimpers pathetically*
I've developed a real fondness for Rodney-Ronon h/c, and there's so very LITTLE of it! I always planned this as a one-shot, although at one point I started to write a companion piece with Teyla and John (basically, general pining and angst as they search) but that one stalled out after a couple hundred words.

But since I can't seem to find much in the way of R/R h/c, maybe that means I need to write more of it ... *ponders*
But since I can't seem to find much in the way of R/R h/c, maybe that means I need to write more of it ... *ponders* do. You really, really REALLY do! Sorry, just, was rereading this, cause as you say, so little out there, and I'm very much in the mood for R/R h/c, cause Ronon caring for Rodney is like the cutest thing ever on general principle and specifically cause Neechan and I spent a LARGE chunk of this evening re-re-rewatching bits of SGA, and while we did our usual seeking-out of Rodney/John stuff, we were also focusing on cute R/R stuff, like them being adorable together in No Man's Land, or the end of Sunday and now I NEEEEED R/R h/c more than ever and um...more of this story would be reeeallly nice. Or another

What can I say, desperate? ^_- for more of your stuff in general, and R/R in particular...well, Rodney whump to be really Pwease? ^_^
I think my #1 wish for the show right now is for yummy h/c goodness with Ronon and Rodney. TPTB have just done such a wonderful job with John and Rodney; while I will never, NEVER say "no" to a John/Rodney scene, we've gotten so much lovely friendshippiness with them that I'm actually almost sated -- at least enough to start turning my attention to my next-favorite pair on the show! They've had a few lovely scenes, but I need more, more!

... and maybe my next fic really ought to be a Ronon & Rodney one. There's an h/c idea that I was planning to do with John and Rodney, but now I'm contemplating doing it with Ronon and Rodney instead... might be interesting ...

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Wonderful story. I love how seeing how Ronan cares about his team. Ronan and McKay is as much fun to watch, and read about, as Sheppard and McKay.
Thank you so much! I really adore them together, and I have my fingers crossed for more of their interactions in season 5.
I just stumbled upon this comment and realized I hadn't answered it! Thank you so much. ♥