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No spaceships in our solar system, just keep moving, nothing to see ...

I mean, rationally, I realize that the weirdo asteroid that observatories have been tracking for the last month or so is NOT A SPACESHIP.

Almost certainly.


... it's just so spaceship-like. I mean:

• It's literally the first extrasolar object we have EVER detected, that is, the first comet/asteroid/etc that is known for certain (because of its trajectory) to have originated beyond the solar system.
• It's shaped like nothing else we've ever found. It is shaped, not to put too fine a point on it, like a spaceship. (That is, it's spindle-shaped -- much longer than it is wide. We've never found any other space rock shaped like that.)
• All we really know about its composition is that it's metallic or rocky, and, unusually for an object of its type, appears not to be icy.
• It slingshotted around our sun before heading out of the solar system ... like one might expect a spaceship to do (even if it's long since defunct and is just continuing on a course that was set long ago).

Wikipedia article | Article from Hawaii's Institute for Astronomy

Realistically I know that the odds are vanishingly, microscopically low that it's a spaceship and not some oddball natural space phenomenon we've never encountered before (since space is absolutely FULL of the latter). But. Still. It's such a weird/creepy/cool feeling to think that it actually could be?? It's not likely that we just had our first extraterrestrial encounter, but we can't prove that we didn't.

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I was just reading about that last night (I'm behind on the news, what can I say) and yeah, highly unlikely it's anything from an intelligent race etc etc, but wow, it *is* interesting to speculate on "but what if it *is*..."

And then of course there's the science of where it came from and how it arrived at our solar system to do it's slingshot around our sun. It's just another reminder that space is Big and Unknown. (And a little bit spooky...)
Guess I'm the only one excited by it being a rock... Occupational hazard I guess... Space rocks are my job. And god am I dying to know what that thing is made of and if/how it is different from meteorites and comets from our solar system! I want to tell NASA to re-direct their current space probe missions!

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:D It is just natural (for humans generally, and I think writers and sci fi fans particularly) for your mind to wander off after possibilities, isn't it? Not that it isn't cool and significant enough on its own as it is! But still... those possibilities, and all their implications, are awfully tantalizing to consider.