Christmas ornament

Hand-painted Christmas ornament sale!

[personal profile] ellenmillion and I are running a Facebook event this weekend, selling/auctioning off our remaining ornament inventory from the holiday craft bazaars. We'll be putting up new batches of ornaments throughout the weekend and offering giveaways and livestreaming. (Ellen is livestreaming an ornament painting demo even as I type this!)

Trim Your Tree Facebook event | Ellen's ornaments - batch 1 | My ornaments - batch 1

Individual ornament listings have prices and details. Starting bid amounts range from $2-10 US; Buy It Now prices range from $5-15 plus opportunities for special pricing on batches of ornaments. Ornaments can be personalized at no cost, and picked up for free in Fairbanks Alaska, or mailed to any U.S. address for a flat $5 fee for all ornaments (mine and Ellen's) that you buy this weekend! International shipping is at cost.

Most of my ornaments (and a few of Ellen's) are glass, and we haven't actually tried shipping them - at least, I haven't - but in the relatively unlikely event that ornaments do not arrive intact, I will of course refund or replace them at no cost.

We are running this event will run through Sunday noon Alaska time; all auctions will close at that time.

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