DarkMatter-Two & Three

Trick or Treat reveals

So the author reveals are out on the Trick'or'Treat exchange (did I mention my gifts were awesome?) and I went, um, kinda nuts writing stuff for it. I wrote six different fics in four fandoms.

Guardians of the Galaxy

The "Fun" in Funfair (2000 words, gen, Peter + team + Yondu)
Team Guardian at a roadside harvest festival and corn maze.

My actual assignment. My recipient suggested some fall/Halloween prompts, so I went with that general theme.

Dark Matter

Since my shiny new fan-crush on Dark Matter hit right at the time that I was doing treats, I set out to see if I could write something for everyone who'd requested it. I didn't quite manage it, but people in the Dark Matter fandom give the BEST prompts, seriously. I could basically have taken any one of several letters and happily written half the prompts on their list.

All That Glitters (2000 words, gen, Three & Five)
Three helps ("helps") Five pick out a not-a-birthday gift for Two.

Carry You Home (2000 words, gen, team)
They've got him. Now all they need to do is get home. A missing scene for 2x11.
You can't give me an episode with such a tantalizing h/c setup and not give me the actual h/c. I mean, c'mon.

Of Circumstance (1400 words, Three/Portia-ish, vaguely dubconnish but not explicit)
In which I set out to write sex pollen and ended up writing cuddle pollen instead.

Star Wars

You Say Hello (500 words, Han/Leia)
Just a bit of post-RotJ kissing fluff.

Forever Knight

However Bright the Night (1000 words, gen, Nick + the humans)
Nick and Nat get roped into helping Schanke take Jenny and her friends trick-or-treating. But not all the monsters who walk the streets of nighttime Toronto are fake ones.

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