Sholio (sholio) wrote,

Yes, I am SAD and PATHETIC, we all know this, moving right along...

So I'm playing the SGA Season 2 behind-the-scenes featurettes in the background while I draw (or presently, being on an art-break, while I type), to keep me from watching the same 5 seconds of the Season 4 trailer from Comicon over and over and over again.

Those who have seen the trailer will probably have no difficulty figuring out which five seconds...

And then, to make sure that there is no question whatsoever in anyone's mind that I am completely and utterly pathetic, I screencapped it. Screencaps and S4 spoilers under the cut ... well, 5 seconds of spoilers, anyhow. But it's probably an important scene...

SO I had already read about this scene in liketheriverrun's Comicon report, which means I've been desperately hoping some kind person would put the Comicon trailer online so I could see it. And now I am happy. Well ... no. Now I want Season 4 EVEN MORE. But also happy.

Have I mentioned that, for pure angst value, defibrillator scenes are one of my favorite things EVER? Especially with loved ones standing by, angsting. (The blurriness of these screencaps, alas, is due to the low quality of the trailer.)



Keller: "He's dead."

Dead!Rodney. (Dead shirtless Rodney, no less.) And John, off to the right; unfortunately we can't see his face, but I sense "major freakout" coming.

I do try not to get my hopes up for h/c based on spoilers, but how can there not be h/c from this?! And Keller's wearing a biohazard suit while John's not ... THAT can't be good...

I'd be a lot more worried if I thought for a minute that they were actually going to kill Rodney, but not very likely. Although I actually am a little concerned that they might "reboot" his character -- bring him back as an AU version or something.

*crosses fingers that we keep our same Rodney*

*watches trailer again*
Tags: spoilers, tv:sga
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