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Holly Poly letter

Thank you for writing for me! <3 I would be equally happy to receive any of the canons below. I'm excited to see what you'll make for me!

General likes: hurt/comfort (especially head injuries, hypothermia/shock, near-drowning, presumed-dead-but-not really, shooting/stabbing, characters being scared another is going to die, patching each other up after a fight), drunk/drugged characters, fluff, angst, domesticity and curtainfic, action, casefic, found family/families of choice, humor and banter, antagonists to friends to lovers, awkwardly figuring out relationships and/or making their own rules for what works for them, characters being bad at relationships but learning to be better at it, fic with worldbuilding (e.g. alien planets, historical details, etc).

General dislikes: non-canonical character deaths, total crack, unrequested crossovers, explicit underage sex, bleak/hopeless endings or endings in which my requested pairing doesn't stay together (Dark Matter is an exception to this, due to the darker nature of the canon and the requested pairings, but I'd still prefer not to receive fic that's all misery with no light)

Vids: I LOVE VIDS. ♥ ♥ ♥ I have some notes on my general vid preferences in my Festivids letter; however, please know that I would love and adore any vid you made for me in any of these canons. I don't have specific vidding prompts below because I don't really have anything specific I want. If you matched with me on vids, please make a vid that delights you, and I'm sure it will delight me!

Marvel Cinematic Universe - Agent Carter
Peggy Carter/Daniel Sousa/Jack Thompson

I ship these three like whoa; I just love the way they play off each other. For this canon, I would be delighted with either canon-compliant fic or AUs. Any AUs. All the AUs. Make them space cops or dragon riders or demon hunters or the clashing owners of modern-day competing bookshops or war veterans in a therapy group or neighbors in a big apartment complex. ALL the tropey AU fic!

For canon-compliant fic, you could do something with the three of them getting together while Jack is recovering from his shooting (I'm here for all the h/c!), or deal with the founding of SHIELD, or the three of them working an SSR or SHIELD case together. Or you could give me something sweet and domestic from their near future. How do they work out the living arrangements? I like relationship negotiation and unusual domestic arrangements; however, I'd also be delighted with something that's just fluff, cuddling in bed, hurt/comfort, celebrating a holiday together, etc. I'm more interested in cuddling/kissing than sex, but I don't mind if sex is included in the fic.

I love hurt/comfort, domesticity, casefic, slice of life ... most kinds of fic are fine with me. I'm equally pleased with getting-together or established relationship fic, and also fine with futurefic set at any point in their lives. I really love fic that deals with historical details or the characters getting involved with actual historical events (e.g. the way they're living through the commie witch hunts in season two - it would be interesting to watch them dealing with the Cold War or reacting to the moon landing), but don't feel like you have to. Although, I'd prefer minimal interaction with actual historical figures.

Stranger Things
Nancy Wheeler/Steve Harrington/Jonathan Byers

Monster hunting OT3! If you haven't seen season two yet, here's the non-spoiler, general prompt area. I would love to see them in the immediate post-high-school time of their lives, coping with college or early adulthood, dealing with the challenges of a long-distance relationship, maybe going on a senior road trip? Steve is canonically a year older and therefore will graduate from high school before the other two; how do they deal with that? A holiday (Christmas, Halloween, Thanksgiving, someone's birthday, etc) would be fun, as would a sweet date, dinner in, or some other kind of domestic fluff. I would also absolutely love something with the three of them teaming up to save Hawkins from yet another supernatural threat, or rescuing a friend/family member/each other from the Upside Down.

One of the things I love about historical canons is glimpsing the characters in what is their future but our past, so feel free to show us the characters in 1986 or 1990 or the modern day - any point between now and then, basically. In the modern day, they'd be in their late 40s. What are their lives like now?


If you *have* seen season two:

Any of the above prompts still apply, just taking S2 canon into account, but mostly just - FIX THEM. HALP. ;___; Maybe something with the kids playing matchmaker because they've decided Steve is awesome now (I adore Steve and the kids; feel free to include the kids as much as you like), or two of them having to rescue the third from a supernatural threat and realizing that there are unresolved feelings there, or any other scenario for Nancy and Jonathan figuring out that the three of them together are stronger than just two. You can make it easy and sweet, or messy and tearful, but just give them a happy ending, please.

S2 left me wanting all the comfort in the world for Steve, so anything that involves Steve being rescued or patched up or loved on would delight me. Especially Nancy and Jonathan saving Steve from the Upside Down or some other threat, or cuddling him better after he's hurt. #givestevelove2k17

You can also skip ahead to the future when they're already together, ignore the awkward getting-together period, and give me established relationship: something domestic and fluffy, something actiony and monster-hunty, the three of them arguing over how to raise their kids, etc.

Dark Matter
Three/Sarah/Android, Three/Alt-Marcus/Alt-Portia, Two/Three/Android

I ship Three/Sarah like burning -- they're just so sweet -- and I'm intrigued by how adding the Android would affect their dynamic. Maybe Three & the Android get together while the Raza gang are searching for android!Sarah, and then they find her and have to figure out how to juggle their new, unexpectedly complicated relationship? Or maybe an AU in which Sarah is still in the computer and they figure out a way to let her use the Android's body to explore the real world and continue her relationship with Three, leading to awkward three-way feels? Or Sarah and the Android teaming up to rescue Three from Boone and Portia in the post-S3-finale period?

The end of S3 is a handy jumping-off point for this pairing. Is Three just playing along to make it out alive? Do the three of them develop a mutual respect or even feelings for each other? I would especially like to see the alt versions' view of Three, because he's very different from Marcus Boone, and yet similar in other ways. Do they reluctantly start to like him, or is he just a plaything to them? I'm okay if this one goes kind of dark, but would prefer if it wasn't *super* dark, e.g. Three is broken forever or something like that. I like the way Three holds his own with Portia at the end of the S3 finale even while he's tied up, and I'd like to see more of that dynamic rather than a submissive, beaten Three. (Also, see the bottom of my prompt list for the WORST CURTAINFIC EVER prompt, which I'm increasingly thinking would be awesome.)

The thing that appeals to me most with Three and Two (and makes me ship it like whoa) is how much they like, respect, and care for each other. The Android and Two are also close, plus of course you've got the Rebecca/Shaw thing. Meanwhile the Android is clearly into Three physically ("It's very ... tight!") and he's got proprietary feelings for her going back to S1. ("Nobody messes with my robot!") So basically you've got a lot of complicated feelings swirling around this bunch to play with -- three people who all like each other, and are attracted to each other in various ways. I also love how Three is not intimidated by tough women and is perfectly happy to play backup to tough ladies kicking ass. He would probably love being dommed by two women who could hold him down with one hand. I would really enjoy these characters rescuing each other, patching each other up after a mission gone wrong, or just getting some alone time.

This one's not in the tagset, but as an extra request, Three/Sarah/Two is also something I'd be delighted to receive. As noted above, I love Three/Sarah's sweetness, Three/Two's mutual respect and partnership, and Three's general admiration of tough women (I mean, android!Sarah could break him in half with her little finger, and from what we've seen of how he relates to Two and Portia, that'd probably be a selling point for him). So give me something with them loving and taking care of each other, or saving each other, or just having some quiet down time. Maybe post-canon domesticity, when the war is over and they've found Two's daughter and bought themselves a farm on a nice planet somewhere. (This would also be something I'd be happy to receive for any of the above, btw -- well, probably not the Three/Portia/Boone one, because it would be the WORST CURTAINFIC EVER. Though now the idea is cracking me up of the three of them being, like, stranded on a farm planet and FORCED to be domestic and keep house with each other, and hating every minute of it. If that idea appeals to you as much as it does to me, go for it!)

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