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Dear Festividder letter

Dear Festividder,

You are the best! Thank you so much! The main thing you need to know is, I LOVE VIDS. I've pinch hit for Festivids before, but I've never signed up, so the idea of someone creating a vid just for me, in one of my beloved fandoms, fills me with delight. The below is to give you an idea of my tastes, but I'm sure I will love whatever you create.

Some of these fandoms have more detailed requests than others, but that's just because I have more ideas, not because I want those fandoms more than others. I am very excited to find out what you came up with for me!

Musically my tastes are fairly mainstream; I mostly listen to pop, rock, and folky/rocky alternative. But don't feel constrained by that; I love vids with a wide variety of music, so if you have an idea for something else that suits the source, go for it! I also don't mind "overvidded" songs - no need to worry about that - and you don't need to stick to English-language songs either.

I would prefer not to receive vids that mix canon footage with candid behind-the-scenes clips, or that repurpose clips of the actors in different shows/movies than the source canon. I would also prefer not to receive crack or parody vids. (Earnestly sincere vids set to incredibly cheesy pop songs, however, would be very welcome, as are vids celebrating the lighter/funnier side of their canons.)

You'll notice one common thread with all of these is that I LOVE ensemble vids and ones with found-family feels, and most of these canons have that element, so you can't really go wrong if you choose to focus on that theme.

Dark Matter (TV)
My darling, homicidal space children! I will never be anything but a huge sappy sucker for found family on a spaceship. My fondest hope would be for one of the following:

- An ensemble/family vid
- A Five and Three vid (bickering, protective space siblings for the win!)
- A Three/Sarah vid (they make my heart melt)
- A Three and Two vid (shippy or not)
- A character vid for Three, Android, or Five

But I love everybody on this show, so don't feel as if you have to be constrained by the above ideas if there is something else you'd like to do in this fandom. I've seen season three, so no worries about spoilers.

All three seasons of the show are currently streaming on Netflix, if you haven't seen it and would like to check it out.

Dead Like Me
Aaahhhh, this show, this show. Quirky and funny and heartbreaking, there was nothing else quite like it. As with many of my requests, a team/ensemble vid would be amazing; I would also be very happy with a character vid focused on any of the group, or any of the relationships in the group. Roxy and Mason are probably my favorite friendship, so a vid for them would be INCREDIBLE, but I would be entirely happy with anything for any of them.

Invisible Man (2000 TV)
A blast from the past fandom for me! I loved this show so much when it was airing. I would love a vid focused on Bobby and Darien's odd-couple partnership, especially if Claire is included. A Claire-focused vid would also be absolutely delightful (I love her so much!), or a Claire/Bobby or Claire/Bobby/Darien vid because HECK YEAH I SHIP IT, or something a bit darker that deals with the effects of Quicksilver. Basically I could go for any kind of mood with a vid for this show - ridiculous and funny, sweet and friendshippy, or dark and messed up - because the show was all of those things.

MacGyver (1985)
This show was one of the first things I would've been fannish about, if that had been an option for me in 1989. I had a huge crush on Richard Dean Anderson back in the day. I would love a vid about Mac doing his thing -- making gadgets and rescuing people -- set to some kind of cheerful, happy (80s?) music. Just a vid that celebrates how much fun this show was, glorying in the happy, bouncy, optimistic '80s cheesiness. An ensemble vid would also be great, because I really liked the recurring characters too! Or something focused on his friendship/partnership with Pete Thornton.

Ladyhawke (1985) [SAFETY]
Seeing this movie in the fandoms list made me remember how much I love it and how pretty it is. Lovers separated by cruel circumstance are my jam (see also, Three and Sarah in the Dark Matter section). Also, you can't go wrong with Rutger Hauer riding horses. Pretty much anything for this movie would make me happy. Maybe something that really goes for the pretty side of the movie, the scenery porn and period costumes? Or something character-focused or focused on the star-crossed lovers would be nice too.

Genesis Climber Mospeada (Anime)
This is a really obscure one, I know: a 1980s transforming-mecha anime about freedom fighters battling back against an alien invasion, one of three completely unrelated anime that were merged to form the English-translated series Robotech in the mid-80s. They needed enough episodes for syndication, so they took three individual series and smooshed them together, changing the plots as needed for this to work.

The show is next to impossible to find (a subtitled DVD version does exist, but it's super expensive on Amazon). However, Netflix has all of Robotech streaming, and out of all three of the merged series that became Robotech, this one was probably altered the least to fit into the overall Robotech plot, aside from a certain amount of kiddification due to this being a dubbed anime series in the 1980s. So you can pretty much get the whole story and find out who all the characters are by watching Robotech from episode 62 to the end.

It's another of those found-family ensemble type shows that I'm such a sucker for, in this case a plucky little group of mecha-piloting rebels fighting aliens in a post-apocalyptic wilderness. I would be delighted with literally ANYTHING for this show; I've never seen a vid for it. You can focus on just a few of the characters or on the whole group or the action/mecha battles or whatever you'd like. I like all the canon ships and all the characters and friendships. The altered Invid sleeper agents have really fascinating story arcs and a vid about them would be really cool. I also really like Rand/Rey; I like how he's deeper and more competent than he seems at first, and I love his relationships with all of the people he has close friendships with.

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