Trick or Treat Exchange letter

Thank you for writing for me! :) I will admit that I'm generally a fluff aficionado and kind of a wuss when it comes to gore and sad/tragic endings, but I've offered a number of "trick" prompts for things I think I'd enjoy. Hopefully my prompts will give you a good feel for the kind of thing I like.

In every one of these fandoms, I love every requested character and would be very happy with any of them that you wish to write. I don't have a unique prompt for every possible character or pairing, but feel free to mix'n'match however you want. Most of my prompts can be used for any individual character or group of characters in that fandom.

Fandoms: Agent Carter, MCU, Stranger Things

Edit: This is a last-minute edit in case anyone comes here looking for letters to treat - I have recently fallen in love hardcore with Dark Matter, and although it's not in my signup, I would be absolutely delighted with any Dark Matter treats (fic or art) that anyone wants to create for me! My faves are Three, Five, Android, Two, and Sarah, and anything on my general likes list with any of these characters would delight me.

Things I like for treats:
- hurt/comfort of all types, especially hypothermia, characters being drugged/concussed/out of it and needing to be taken care of, characters getting shot/stabbed, surgical aftercare, characters worrying about each other
- cuddling and snuggling
- game nights/poker games/characters doing fun things together
- camping, traveling, vacations, road trips
- curtainfic/domesticity
- futurefic, characters growing old together
- loyalty, "friends to the end"
- rescuing each other
- developing relationships/friendships, especially between two (or more) people who initially misjudged each other
- basically anything that involves characters taking care of each other, hanging out together, or generally being friendly/affectionate with each other
- plotty fic/casefic/heist fic
- missing scenes
- character studies

Things I like for tricks:
- canon-typical horror/violence
- ghosts, hauntings, monsters, spooky or scary stories
- evil mirrorverse (especially "our" characters encountering their evil doubles)
- characters telling each other ghost stories (I guess this one could be a 'treat' also, depending on how it's written)
- heavy angst, such as "presumed dead but not really"
- "harder" h/c (e.g. torture) - though I still prefer to have some comfort in there if possible
- sex pollen
- deathfic (though preferably more sad than utterly bleak; that is, "character dies heroically and their friends are sad" or "the whole group goes down together, loyal to the end", rather than "everyone dies graphically and everything is terrible")
- apocalypse AUs (preferably with a focus on fighting back against it/putting society back together, even if they lose, rather than just giving up hope)
- permanent disability/maiming, and a character having to adjust to it
- having to move on after losing someone/something important to you
- the dissonance between who we want to be and who we actually are
- mind control/characters being turned evil & forced to do bad things or hurt their friends against their will

Do not want:
- character/ship bashing (obviously it's fine to just leave any character(s) out if you don't like them/don't want to write them)
- infidelity (though suspected infidelity is okay, e.g. as part of a threesome get-together scenario)
- pregnancy (though characters raising OC kids in future/AU scenarios is fine)
- incest
- crossovers (except for canon-compliant ones, e.g. crossing over AC & GotG is fine since they're in the same 'verse)
- extremely graphic descriptions of gore
- completely hopeless endings, even in a "trick"
- non-canon pairings other than the requested ones (background canon pairings are always fine)


Agent Carter:
Peggy Carter, Daniel Sousa, Jack Thompson, Rose Roberts

Peggy/Jack/Daniel is my AC OT3; I ship them in every possible combo, and also love them as gen, individually or together. And Rose is just great; feel free to write her on her own, or write her with someone else (though for her, I'd prefer gen if you pair her up with Peggy or Daniel; Jack/Rose might be a fun pairing if you wanted to write that, or gen, of course). I also like the other characters on the show, so they are welcome to appear in the fic!

Some prompts:
- a weird SSR case around Halloween (investigating a haunted house or crashed alien spaceship?)
- one of them gets killed but sticks around as a ghost
- acquiring an accidental superpower
- saving someone's life
- getting patched up after a mission in which someone got hurt
- AUs: urban fantasy, werewolves, bookstore, modern-day cops, IN SPACE, etc ...
- relationship negotiations (which relationship, exactly, is up to you)
- going out for drinks, poker night, or other bonding activities
- sparring or learning new fighting tricks
- future fic, anywhere between the 1940s and the present day - how do their lives go post-canon?
- a quiet evening at home
- post-S2 recovery or aftermath
- general casefic, investigating something weird, a character being kidnapped, something to do with the mysteries left over from S2, basically any/all casefic is great!

Yondu Udonta, Peter Quill, Nebula

I love all the characters in the Guardians movies, but I selected these three because they are the ones that I most want fic about. However, including any other characters in the fic is A-OK. No non-canon pairings, please, although Peter/Gamora is fine.

Some prompts:
- fixit fic for the end of Vol. 2, any scenario you like! I especially enjoy h/c for Yondu and/or Peter, and fic about recovering and adjusting to the new characters in the group.
- a heist
- a character escaping from Space Prison or getting broken out
- ghosts! in! space! (Yondu's ghost? Meredith's ghost? Nebula being haunted by the ghosts of people she's killed?)
- bonding of any sort
- characters getting drunk together
- quiet night shifts on the Quadrant and/or Milano
- I really like fic that explores their universe, so any character(s) on an alien planet, in an alien bar, in weird/cool worlds, dealing with strange alien tech or even magic ... I really like all of that.
- a character giving another one a gift
- characters sharing cultural stuff - we get quite a bit of Peter sharing Earth culture in the movies (which I really like, and would be totally up for more of) but it would also be fun to see someone else sharing their culture with Peter, like an alien dance or holiday or piece of pop culture; or two non-human characters investigating each other's culture
- exploration of characters' backstories
- Nebula making a friend (canon character or OC) or having to deal with a small child

Stranger Things:
Nancy Wheeler, Jonathan Byers, Steve Harrington

My monster-hunting OT3. <3 I ship them as an OT3, so it is perfectly fine if you write them that way, but obviously 100% fine if not. I also like the other possible pairing combos between them, or gen, or the individual characters on their own. (Exception: Nancy/Jonathan without Steve. I'd prefer gen -- well, as gen as possible with them; ambiguous is fine -- if you go that route.) I'm also quite happy with any sort of ambiguous/unusual relationships that you want to do, e.g. a Nancy/Steve, Nancy/Jonathan "V", or queerplatonic gen, or the characters trying (and failing) to figure out what their relationship is supposed to be ... whatever you like. I'm a total sucker for "trying to figure out our relationship" fic, and these three lend themselves well to it. But I recognize that you may have only signed up to write one or two of them, and I'm fine with that; adjust prompts accordingly.

I really love the '80s ambiance on this show, and I like anything that deals with '80s pop culture, attitudes towards sex/sexuality, and that kind of thing.

I know that the new season will probably joss this fic completely right before reveals. Don't worry about that; I will happily read it as AU. You also don't need to worry about trying to make it compliant with any season two spoilers that might be floating around (though of course you can if you want to).

Some prompts:
- dealing with a new menace in Hawkins
- getting patched up after a monster hunt
- Steve and Jonathan becoming friends (though I also ship it, the idea of a gen friendship between these two delights me)
- Halloween through the years, from trick'or'treating as kids to the first Halloween after the events of the show (or just, how do they react to their first Halloween after fighting actualfax monsters?)
- one of them died and the others have to carry on, possibly while being haunted by the dead one's ghost
- PTSD, panic attacks, nightmares, etc. related to the events of the show, especially with an emphasis on comforting/being calmed down
- futurefic in which one or more of them is a professional monster hunter a la Supernatural
- futurefic in general, anytime between 1983 and the present day
- heroic last stand
- growing up, going off to college
- the families becoming closer post-S1, so the characters go over to each other's houses or have family/game nights with each other's families
- learning to play Dungeons & Dragons from their little brothers
- one of them turns out to have, or acquires, some kind of superpower
- trapped/stranded somewhere (Canadian Shack!)
- camping out
- senior prom

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