Avengers-Steve rain

*sits on hands*

I'm not responding to this on Tumblr because no good ever comes of arguing with people on Tumblr about things like this, but ... seriously ...

Cut for those who want to either a) avoid spoilers for Captain America: Civil War, or b) avoid discussion of the movie, period.


It's a cute Venn diagram of dads in the MCU ("good dads", "bad dads", "dead dads", "dads who are gods", etc) - contains spoilers for ALL the movies. And then there's the inevitable mostly-cheerful bickering in the reblog comments about which dad belongs where, which eventually leads to:

"I would protest Scott and Clint’s inclusions in the Good Dad category, because I’d say abandoning their families to break the law with Captain America, get arrested for breaking the law, and then going on the run qualifies them for Bad Dad status."

I ... just ... what. *flaily hands* I mean, Civil War is basically Superheroes Making Bad Choices: The Movie, but it's actually borderline alarming to think about someone watching that and coming away with the idea that Steve's side is Bad and Wrong because (and only because) they broke the law. Sometimes you just want to sit someone down and explain to them gently that just because something is the law, doesn't mean it's a good law. Or at least hope that they genuinely do already know that and are too getting caught up in partisan fandom bickering to really think about it.

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Oh good grief. Perfect example of tumblr's puritanical insistence that everything is black and white and every action and thought must be 100% Worthy and Perfect or you're "problematic" that strangles any true discussion of anything over there.
Oh hell. WTF?! "Breaking the law", OMG. How black-and-white can you get?!
{sigh} Am I getting old, or is fandom getting even more childish (thinking back over the years, I wouldn't have thought it was possible...)
Civil War is basically Superheroes Making Bad Choices: The Movie
They should let YOU title the movies.

Now I want you to retitle all the Marvel movies with more accurate titles. . . .

I'm surprised anyone with such a simple notion of good and bad can stand the movies at all: all the characters are inherently problematic, because they're basically all vigilantes, even the ones without terrible pasts!
*flails with you*

There are some Fandom Opinions that I disagree with... and then there are the arguments that make me roll my eyes so hard I give myself a headache.

(IDK, it seems to me like CA:CW brought out in particularly vivid colors the tendency of certain fans to need to make their fave the Always Right Poor Wounded Innocent, ignoring any nuance and thereby making anyone who disagreed with that character Bad and Wrong in Every Way. I mean, yeah, I have my own strong feelings on who was right in general principle, but that doesn't mean I can't still love the other characters, understand WHY they would think or act the way they did, and recognize that both sides had some bad decisions and communication issues going on. Like, just because your fave has a falling out with someone doesn't actually mean that you therefore have to also hate them and everyone associated with them???)