Guardians of the Galaxy fic recs (+1 vid)

I didn’t start noting down fics I wanted to rec until a couple of weeks after my first flurry of fic-reading in the fandom, so a bunch of excellent fic isn’t on here; plus, I know I missed some even after I started adding them. But I’ve been adding fics to this document for over a month now, and I decided that if I waited until I got around to going back through my bookmarks and getting all the things I missed, I was just going to keep failing to do it.

So. Recs! Presented here in no particular order. Spoilers for GotG2.


Love Runs out by ntertanedangel

Fun, fast-paced, well-edited vid for the first movie.

I mostly read gen in this fandom, so these are gen (occasionally with light background canon pairings) unless noted otherwise.

Mine is Just a Slower Sacrifice by grayintogreen

There aren’t many movie tags focused on Rocket's friendship with Yondu, but everything with Yondu and Rocket in the movie was pure gold, and this fic captures that perfectly.

Drifting in the Black by magikfanfic

Peter can't sleep, so he thinks about Yondu. Really lovely character/relationship introspection; I think this fic captures the difficult, conflicted, and often painful nature of their relationship, and yet the deep love underlying it, really well. "And it was the start of care, of love, though neither of them really understood what that meant, how to express it." *SOB*

Lucky by setepenre_set

Fixit with ALL THE FEELS. *heart explodes*

Ain't No River Wide Enough by xahra99

Delightful gen adventure fic with young Peter and Yondu stranded on a planet. Perfect blend of bickering, obliviousness, and mutual concern.

Ain't No Road Just Like It by xahra99

Set between movies, pitch-perfect scene with Yondu finding the Zune for Peter. This fic really nails the vicious, gritty nature of the seedy side of the GotG 'verse and Yondu's heavily conflicted relationship with his feelings for his surrogate son.

Small Arms Fire by Sonora

Yondu teaching little Peter to shoot a gun. MY HEART.

To Dwell is To Die by FeoplePeel

Post-movie fic in which Yondu lives and ends up going his own way to put together a new Ravager crew, but ends up making a habit of showing up constantly to get his idiot kid out of trouble, with ever more poorly veiled concern and affection every time. Also featuring a great Nebula. (Background Yondu/Kraglin.)

Goodnight by Sarah531

A really lovely series of missing scenes for the funeral and just after.

Lost in Translation by Fiende

An excellent, creative take on how translators work in the GotG universe, and how this influences how the characters relate to each other.

The Virtues of Space Piracy by fayedartmouth

Teen Peter gets in trouble on a heist and has to get himself out of it. Written pre-GotG2, but gets the character dynamics pretty well, IMHO.

Good Old Fashioned Thievin' by whiskeyandspite

Little Peter learning to steal stuff, by stealing from Yondu himself. A fun look at the ongoing tug-of-war between the two of them.

Carry on, wayward son by Mira_Jade

Kid Peter has nightmares and seeks out Yondu; Yondu is reminded of his own night terrors as a former child slave.

Tomorrow is Another Day by Lilas

Gamora POV. FEELS.

Loose Ends by smallerthanzero

Currently a WiP, a collection of ficlets about various things the characters managed to retrieve after losing most of their belongings. MY HEART.

all the good love by glorious_spoon

Peter/Gamora sex pollen fic, with lovely character interaction.

Keep Him Warm by Write_like_an_American

Puppy pile/cuddling-for-warmth post-GotG fixit.

be all my sins remembered and more by juurensha

A lovely, sad, sweet look at Mantis trying to help Ego's children and her early days adjusting to life with Peter and his crew.

Five Times by Davechicken

Five times Peter hated Yondu. This fic really nails the conflicted-affection aspect of their relationship. MY FEELS.

that jungle life by Windywords123

Plants need other plants for company, so Baby Groot's family starts bringing him "friends." oh my heart.

How to Hug a Ravager by Write_like_an_American

Written pre-GotG2, so non-canon-compliant in various ways. This is a long fic with a lot of chapters covering from Peter’s early childhood on the Eclector to the post-GotG1 era. The part that really made my id stand up and take notice were the chapters at the end in which Peter and Yondu are captured and forced to duel to the (presumed) death. I will take all of that action, plz & thank u.

damn your love, damn your lies by Lapin

Sweet fic about Peter's earliest days on Yondu's ship, with a great Yondu voice.

sharper than a serpent's tooth by juurensha

A+ Gamora POV as she adjusts to life on the Milano.

someone is friendless, and cannot find their way (so I keep a light in my window) by philthestone

Lovely Gamora-centric fic about settling into her new life.

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Oooo, yay, those look like some great recs! (Man... I wasn't feeling a particular need for fic after seeing GOTG2, though I enjoyed it, but your stories - which I started reading just because, well, it's you, and your stuff's always good - have been slowly but surely sucking me in and now I keep wanting more. XD)
Awwww! Thank you! <3 <3 <3

There is some really enjoyable fic in this fandom - I haven't been in a fandom in awhile (not since White Collar, possibly) that has a decent amount of gen h/c. If you have the urge, I hope you find something you enjoy!