Avengers-Agent Carter OT3

Dear Rarepairfest creator

Hello! Thank you so much for making something for me! <3

General likes and dislikes:

I'm equally fine with getting-together stories, established-relationship stories, and stories in which the relationship is a relatively small part of the plot.

In poly pairings, I'm good with V-type poly or full OT3+ triads/moresomes (or even more complicated arrangements if you have something in mind - I enjoy complicated poly dynamics and relationship negotiation). The one thing is that I want everyone in the relationship to genuinely care about, like, and respect each other. There can be friction and "learning to like each other" arcs, but I want it to end up in a good place for all of them.

General likes: cuddling and snuggling, hurt/comfort (from understated to super tropey, it's all good), action/casefic, quiet character moments, banter, AUs (unless otherwise stated for a particular fandom), dates and other courtship rituals, cultural exchange, family traditions, dealing with each other's families/friends, stranded or imprisoned together, sex pollen that goes in a more cuddly/hurt-comforty/trying-to-make-it-nice-for-each-other kind of direction as opposed to straight-up noncon.

General dislikes: non-canon character death, character/ship bashing, mpreg. I'm not a big fan of PWP, though I don't mind if sex is included in a story.

Individual fandom requests:

Agent Carter

Peggy Carter/Daniel Sousa/Jack Thompson; Peggy Carter/Jack Thompson; Peggy Carter/Daniel Sousa/Violet; Peggy Carter/Daniel Sousa/Jack Thompson/Violet; Daniel Sousa/Jack Thompson

My pretty SSR agents. <3

I love any and all combinations of these characters. Peggy/Jack/Daniel is my OT3 for the show, but I also really like the idea of putting Violet into the mix (she's so great, and deserved better!). Peggy/Jack or Jack/Daniel are such a volatile, fascinating, and subtly sweet combination.

Some ideas, which would work for any combination of these characters: getting together post-S2, or in an S2 AU in which the romances go a bit differently; hurt/comfort with someone being captured or injured, and the other(s) having to rescue and/or help them afterwards (this could be especially interesting if Violet is included, as she's a nurse!); stranded together somewhere (in the middle of nowhere, or just a "last hotel room with only one bed" kind of scenario).

I love all kinds of AUs for these characters. Put them in the modern day, or in space, or in a post-apocalyptic dystopia; put them in an urban fantasy scenario with werewolves and vampires, or high fantasy with wizards and elves; have them be Prohibition-era gangsters or put them in a bookstore, college, or coffeeshop AU. Or have canon go a wildly different way. It's all great!

DNW for this fandom: Dead Jack post-S2 (please have him survive his shooting if you set the fic after S2!); character/ship bashing (i.e. if you write Jack/Peggy, please don't have Daniel be terrible or abusive).

Marvel Cinematic Universe (Guardians of the Galaxy)

Gamora/Peter Quill
I love how careful he is of her, and how much he respects and admires her, and doesn't care at all that she's better in a fight than he is. And I love how accepting and respectful she is of his general geekiness, and how protective she is of her breakable, squishy little Earth human.

Some ideas: going on a mission together; getting arrested and thrown into prison and arguing over whose fault it is; going on a date; getting competitive over something; giving each other presents. We often see Peter sharing his culture with people, but what about Gamora sharing something from her homeworld with Peter? Maybe Gamora flying into protective mode when Peter is hurt/captured, or turning the tables, so he has to rescue her for a change? The rest of the team is very welcome, of course! (Feel free to fix the canon character death in GotG2, or not, as you prefer.)

Aleta Ogord/Stakar Ogord
We see very little of these characters in the movie, so we don't know much about them -- we don't even know if they're together in the MCU, as they are in the comics -- so I'd be really happy with anything you want to create for them. Pirate couple heist shenanigans? Something to do with Stakar and Aleta rescuing Yondu from Kree slavers, or the early days of their pirate adventures with their Ravager buddies? Did they maintain a long-distance relationship while they were both running their own Ravager crews (I'm a sucker for that sort of thing), or did they break up and get back together post-movie? (I'm a sucker for that, too.) Maybe they run into Peter & co. after the movie and decide to keep an eye on Yondu's kid on his behalf. Or you could just do something that explores their relationship a little bit. Do they have kids? What is a Ravager date like? What is a Ravager WEDDING like?

Meredith Quill/Yondu Udonta
I'm surprised by how much I ship this considering that they never even met in canon. Obviously you'd have to AU it in some way, unless you wanted to set it post-canon and have them bond in some sort of afterlife scenario -- I am all over the idea of Peter's parents meeting and bonding while watching their son get and out of in trouble. Or maybe Peter finds some way to bring them both back and something romantic happens between them afterwards. (I can just imagine Peter's face.) Or it could be an AU in which Meredith and Peter both go to space, or she turns out to be not dead after all and goes to find him and "rescue" him from the pirates who took him.

DNW for this fandom: I'd prefer not to have no-powers/no-aliens AUs.


Mon-El/Winn Schott Jr.
Their interactions in the show were so cute! I love the way Winn tries to introduce Mon-El to his geeky interests, and Winn being the squishy, breakable member of the pairing, under a yellow sun at least. I'd be all over the idea of h/c with these two, going in either direction. Winn gets hurt/captured and Mon-El has to rescue him? Mon-El gets lead poisoning? They're both trapped on a red-sun world and the tables are turned, with Winn being the one who has to get them out of trouble? Or just something cute and sweet set on Earth: a date (crashed by their friends or a crime?), a quiet evening in, a family occasion, anything like that. Something to do with the conflict between Daxamite and Earth courting customs might be fun. (Maybe they both hit up Kara for dating advice?)

James Olson/Lyra/Winn Schott Jr.
Crime-fighting OT3 FTW! Something to do with someone being hurt and rescued by the others, or quiet nights in the van (what do they do to pass the time?), or cultural exchange of some sort (Lyra learning about Earth culture, or showing the boys something from her culture), or the three of them having to deal with some sort of bizarre alien-related case - any of that would be totally my kind of thing.

DNW for this fandom: Character/ship bashing. Especially Kara/Mon-El ship bashing; please no.

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