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I have been generally sparing everyone here and keeping it on Tumblr, but I've been completely gone for Guardians of the Galaxy for the last month or so. I really, really was not expecting to fall for something else in the MCU after more or less noping out of the Avengers over the last couple of years (although I've been vicariously enjoying [personal profile] sheron having so much fun with Steve/Tony; it's made me feel much warmer and happier about the MCU overall, so thanks for that, [personal profile] sheron!), but GotG is separate enough from the main MCU that, like Agent Carter, it doesn't feel the same.

It's just so gloriously weird. It's been a long time since I've watched a mainstream action movie that was as quirky and strange and almost indy-feeling as GotG Vol. 2 was (it made me think a lot of the zany, IDGAF weirdness of the sci-fi and fantasy movies of my childhood, back when things like Labyrinth and Wizards were popular). It's basically a total love letter to children of the 1970s/80s, and it's got that combination of funny/serious that's common to most of the things I've really lost my mind for in a fandom kind of way (starting with anime of the 90s and early 2000s - I've actually noticed quite a bit of overlap between people who really liked this movie and people who are also anime fans, and I think that makes sense, because this is about the closest thing I've seen to an original, live-action, Western version of shounen anime; it's got a similar blend of heartfelt emotions, slapstick humor, and WTF wierdness).

It also fits really well with a Kismet headspace, so it doesn't even require as much mental track-switching as flipping back and forth between Kismet and my other creative projects (urban fantasy-ish shifter romance, Agent Carter fanfic, etc) normally does.

I've been really enjoying Tumblr fandom for this one, because it's just so positive, in general, and I've been putting most of my thoughts about it on Tumblr, so if you don't follow me on Tumblr or aren't over there, but are interested in this, I'm going to link under the cut to my recent GotG Tumblr posts and fic and stuff like that.

Even the links contain GotG Vol. 2 spoilers, so don't click the cut if you don't want spoilers!

Tumblr GotG meta by me
That scene where Yondu threatens Peter with the arrow in the first movie
A whole lot of thoughts on Yondu being a (kinda) crap dad and his redemption arc
Teamwork fights (with reblog note about Peter as The Team Distraction)
Saving the galaxy vs. saving the Earth
Speculating on Peter's adulthood with the Ravagers (with some additional thoughts on that)
All the subplots are about family
Echoes of Peter's childhood with the Ravagers vs. Yondu's
Bullet points of new things I noticed upon rewatching
How the movie totally got Peter's childhood music right
More about the music
Yondu and baby Groot
GotG and being a fan/having fannish feelings and comfort objects (I have SO MANY FEELINGS about how Peter uses music and pop culture to process his emotions; I don't know if I've EVER seen another action movie in which the action-hero protagonist behaves in a fandom kind of way and everyone else supports him in that)
Drax mistaking Yondu for Peter's actual dad (and some more reblog thoughts from someone else that get me right in the feels)
The emotional contrast between Yondu's first and last scenes in the movie (with an additional note based on a comment)

Not by me, but interesting/fun/cute:
GotG and toxic masculinity
On the use of music in the movie
My fanart tag which is mostly GotG for the last few pages (was going to link to some individual ones, but it's ALL so good!)

Fic by me on AO3:
Cat's Eye - Peter meets Hawkeye from the Avengers (because arrows)
Bad Habits - Nebula keeps saving Gamora BY TOTAL ACCIDENT, REALLY
Hope is a Feathered Thing - bb!Peter adopts an alien kitten ... sort of.
the past is just a goodbye - Super-indulgent de-aging fic because I wanted to write them as kids
Good Morning Starshine - Peter Quill meets Peter Parker

There's also Brighter than the Sun and Holy (vid) but I already posted those here.

Tumblr ficlets:
Yondu and the Ravager flame patch
Dealing with a teenage tree
Peter trying to learn to speak Groot
Yondu and Meredith Quill meet in the afterlife

(The Tumblr fics are collected in an AO3 collection as well.)

I'm also going to do some fic rec posts but haven't gotten around to it yet.

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Okay, so there's some fic I need to read it seems!! :D

I've not fallen into the fandom side of it, but it is a wonderful and wacky movie full of sooo many things I love!! :D
I just love these movies soooo much! Especially the second one. Such a total delight! And awwww, I love your baby Groot icon! :D
Thanks! And that reminds me, I was going to make more icons and then didn't get around to it! *puts reminder on computer to do this*