Autumn-frosted leaf


I clicked in a special weather statement and discovered THIS ATROCITY:

... Snow at higher elevations of the interior through Friday...

Snow will develop at elevations above 1000 feet late tonight and Thursday. Snow will melt after it hits the ground in most areas, but above 2000 feet of elevation snow could stick... with 2 to 4 inches of accumulation. This accumulating snow is expected to impact the summits of the Elliott, Dalton and Steese highways and the Richardson Highway through the Alaska Range.

It's almost the end of MAAAAYYYYYYY ...

Well, the summer I worked in Denali Park, it very memorably dumped several inches of snow around June 6 or so, and my husband likes to talk about the year it snowed in his hometown (Glennallen) on the Fourth of July parade, so I shouldn't complain too much or I'll probably regret it. I'm glad I haven't put my garden in yet, though.

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Meanwhile, we've had July heat much of the last couple of weeks. I know it's Florida, but this is ridiculous. I wish we could trade some of our hot air for your cold.
Oh boy!! And here we're have a mini-heatwave! Well, temps around 25-27 C (77-80 F) for four or so days! For the UK in May, that's a heatwave!! Oh well, at least the washing is drying nicely outside!!

I hope the snow misses you *hugs*

EDIT: Love the gif, btw!!

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Eeep! Speaking as someone whose home town last saw snow in, if I recall, the 1970s... (something like seven flakes on the hill, and the local paper talked about it for ages) I am shivering in sympathy...
I told my husband tonight that it is not normally this cool. He's freezing in the house because he has the heat set to 68 and while he had been getting used to the temperatures, he just got back from a business trip to Portland where it was much warmer, so flying back and it was in the 40s today. I've been watching the temps and was pretty surprised to see them stubbornly resisting summer LOL. We're heading up in a week and as much as I'm not a fan of 90s for summer, I don't necessarily want it to be in the 40s either! Hopefully this cool start to the season will break and we'll see some warmer temps for the rest of the summer...just not too warm. :P Brad called and did tell me all the mountains were snow capped again but I'll be surprised if it's still there when we get in. I sure hope not because we'll be driving through quite a few!