Autumn-berries in sunlight

72 days of light

I drove my husband to the airport at 4 a.m. this morning for a business trip. It was broad daylight when we left the house, and the sun was coming up by the time we got to town -- we live out of town a little ways on the highway. We marveled at the post-apocalyptic feeling ... from the quality of the light, it felt like it should be 7 or 8 a.m., but all the parking lots and roads were nearly empty, the businesses closed.

According to the paper, we had our last official "dark" night a couple of days ago; the next one will be 72 days later, on July 27. (i.e. we no longer experience anything darker than civil twilight -- the nights are now bright enough to perform activities outside without needing extra light.) At this point it's still getting noticeably dim at night, but in a week or two it won't even be doing that anymore. We never really get to the point here where the sun literally doesn't set (we're still south of the Arctic Circle, in other words) but by mid-June it's only dipping below the horizon for an hour or so in the very middle of the night.

Hello, two and a half months of light. We have to fill up our daylight tanks in the summer; we'll need it when the winter darkness comes!

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I'm originally from the east coast where even on the longest days, by 9 pm it's pitch dark. But here on the west coast (Seattle) daylight seems to never end. Until I read an entry like this one :)
It is very different! I lived in the Midwest for a few years while my husband went to grad school, and being used to this, it was weird to me to have it be dark by 9 p.m. ...
I have trouble imagining that. I've been to York in the summer, and they had only about five hours of dark, and that was weird enough!
It is certainly different! I always find it a little weird to be places that get fully dark in the summer, even though I know that's perfectly normal for most people. What a strange, diverse planet we live on ...
Sounds like time to get some blackout blinds/curtains up for a good night's sleep!! Still, after all that darkness, I'm sure it's a welcome relief!
Ha, yeah, we not only have blackout curtains in the bedroom but also put cardboard over the window in the summer, since the window faces east ...

with the months of darkness the sunshine must be a relief. do you continuous sunshine in the  summer and the lack of light in winter disorienting? 

It is very strange! I like the long days in the summer a lot - it's nice to be able to go out and take a walk at midnight if I happen to be up and feel restless. But yeah, it can be hard to adjust to going back and forth. It never used to bother me very much before I spent a few years much farther south, and now that I've come back, I've never quite managed to get used to it again.