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Another thing ...

... that I love about the Guardians of the Galaxy movies, and have to mention now that I've thought of it ...

The teamwork fights.

Peter does get to have a number of typically stand-up heroey moments (leaping out of the pod to save Gamora, grabbing the Infinity Stone, powering through Ego’s manipulation and fighting him to a standstill), but he never wins all on his own. Typically, going it alone only gets him part of the way, and then he needs to be rescued. Neither movie’s climax would’ve gone off at ALL well if the other characters hadn’t been there, doing their part. And not just in the typical "the supporting cast fights the lesser baddies so the hero can do the big boss fight" kind of way.

In the first movie, it takes all of them to keep Peter from being destroyed by the Infinity Stone; in the second movie, it’s Rocket and Groot’s bomb that actually kills Ego, while Peter’s overall function in the fight is mainly to hold off the enemy and distract Ego long enough for the bomb to do its thing. And then he would’ve died in the resulting inferno if Yondu hadn’t pulled him out of it.

The point that comes up again and again with Peter is that he can’t do it all on his own. He’s brave and he's a good fighter, but (aside from the whole Celestial thing) he’s basically a badass normal fighting people who have him badly outclassed. The main way he wins fights is by attracting and inspiring other people who want to help him. It’s just a really lovely, unusual vibe for a superhero movie.

Peter Quill’s superpower is his heart.

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The thing about the movies, especially this one actually, is that Peter Quill doesn't feel like the main character in the way that other shows/movies often do it. I watched this movie and it felt to me like no one was the main character in themselves, all the team together were the main character - which is my poor way of saying I agree with you!! :D

Peter Quill’s superpower is his heart.

That is an excellent superpower!
Yes!!! I agree totally - even though Peter gets the major storyline, every single character got a story arc of their own, and it took every one of them doing their part to take down Ego at the end. It really isn't Peter's movie, it's everybody's movie, and I love that.