Winter Sunlight

A few things

Still hip-deep in Guardians of the Galaxy thoughts and feels, which is doing wonders for my productivity this week, let me tell you. /sarcasm

Anyway, a few other things:

Rebel, the next book in [personal profile] rachelmanija and sartorias's Change series, is out now! I'm linking to Rachel's post because it has useful links to All The Books. This is book 3 in the series, and I'm a book behind, so I can't read it yet! BUT I WANT TO! These are post-apocalypse YA with a large diverse cast, many different types of character relationships, and creative worldbuilding; they're a lot of fun.

There is a multifandom Harlequin Big Bang taking signups now. I was actually kicking around the idea of signing up for this (the minimum is only 5K!), but I am firmly refusing to let myself sign up for anything new until I finish more of the things I'm supposed to be working on ... SSR Confidential, MCU AU Fest, etc. But it does look fun. Wah. My life is hard.

Does anyone know if [community profile] intoabar is happening again this year? I actually have enough different fandoms I'm into right now that I could do it -- the problem in the past has always been that I tend to be a serial fandom monogamist, but I seem to have turned multifannish when I wasn't looking, and I have always kinda wanted to try that one. Just my luck, this will be the year it dies ...

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Soooo want to join in with the Guardians squee, but still haven't been able to get to the cinema yet! I'm hoping for later next week, because at this rate I'm in danger of missing it!

I have a feeling I'm going to come out of the cinema in love with a certain mini-tree!! :D :D :D
I hope that you are able to get to watch it! I've fallen hard for it.

And yes, the mini-tree is one of the best parts of the movie. <3