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Guess who just learned a new skill

Aaaaa! I've learned how to do subtitles on vids!!

I've been wanting to do this for awhile, but I always thought there would be a steep learning curve and/or you'd need special software. Come to find out, you can make .srt files in a text editor; you just have to put in the timestamps for each line of subtitle manually. (I'm using this method.) It really doesn't take long for a 3-minute vid, and I've fallen down the rabbit hole of tweaking the start and end of each subtitle. OH LOOK, A BRAND NEW VIDDING TIMESINK. XD

These subtitles are not embedded in the vid (I think you do actually need special software for that), but if the .srt file is in the folder with the vid and it's opened in VLC, it ought to work - it works great for me!

Right now I'm making subs for the Flash vid I'm currently working on, but now that I know how to do it, are there any of my old vids that anyone would like subtitles for and/or fandoms that you'd like to request subtitles in? In theory I can now make them for literally any vid, not just my own; it's just that I need to be able to open it in a vid player that will give me second-accurate timestamps since I need to look up the start and end for each subtitle line to get the timing right.

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Eeeee, welcome to the club :D I'm actually still working as a subber every year for one of the annual movie festivals here in Poland (the Two Riversides Film Festival) :D I can give you pointers in you ever need some :D Though I imagine for vids you already know what to do... if you ever need to make a larger project, you will need to try one of the available subtitle editors - Subtitle Workshop or Subtitle Edit... I prefer the second one but they are both more or less the same... and easy to learn, too, it's just a matter of mastering the hotkeys and determining your reaction speed so that the software can adjust the times correctly, heee :P

As for embedding the subs, I'm an old school girl and stick to avisynth scripts within MeGUI BUT I think avidemux (old name but works with mp4 just fine) should let you do that without any insane work :D

Never hurts to try, right?
Oooh congrats! I'm in awe of someone who can do vids at all (my level is slapping a plain picture on music I want to upload to youtube)

Being a person with quite a few deeply loved foreign films and TV shows, I absolutely love good and well done subtitles...