Ohhh man, nerdy conspiracy theorist Coulson is such a blast. :D I'm having more fun with this storyline than I have in possibly the entire run of the show. I think the best part is that I really don't know where it's going -- I mean, presumably the core team are going to escape eventually, but other than that, I have no idea who's going to turn up next and what kind of role they'll be playing. It's really unpredictable and fun. :D
I am *so* enjoying AoS in a way I haven't for several seasons, tbh. Good guy Grant is a mindbender, but Coulson... I am going to really miss Framework!Phil and his blue soap conspiracy theories and fanboying (again) over a patriotic-themed hero (I really expected him to ask if there were trading cards. And Mr. Patriot, do NOT let Phil Coulson within 500 miles of whatever design team puts together your uniform. Just... don't.)

This is what I wish the current Captain America comics iteration had been--a fun, scary but obviously temporary subversion of Steve Rogers, rather than this anti-Semitic clusterf*** Hydra!Cap actually is. *sigh*

Also, we paused on the memorial wall to read the names and... my RL name was on one of the bricks, what the heck?????? I *think* it was a coincidence but maybe my obsession with Marvel is an indication I was a SHIELD agent in a prior life....

Yeah, this story arc is SO much fun. :D (ahahaha and condolences on the name, though. XD Well, at least you were a heroic SHIELD agent in the Framework!)

I think this arc is basically what Marvel thought they were doing with the Hydra!Cap storyline -- characters having their alignment switched against their will because of someone messing with their heads -- except Marvel botched the roll-out of that plotline and then dragged it out waaaayyyy too long. On AoS it seems like they're really going out of their way to make sure it's obvious that Hydra are still definitely the baddies even if some of Team Good Guy has been co-opted, probably with Marvel's PR fiasco in mind!