Winter Sunlight

Fandom updates

New community: [community profile] fanifesto, for fandom manifestos (fandom/ship/character/etc). In case it is relevant to your interests! There's nothing there yet, but it's very new.

I'm torn between the urge to rec some of the things that I'm into, and the awareness that most of the things I'm into are actually not that good, objectively speaking. XD

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Sometimes when it comes to fandom I feel so unfamiliar with the lingo it's like I've been frozen for 70 years...

What exactly is a fandom manifesto? Is it essays on meta? Rants about peeves? Gushing over faves? Sharing of headcanons? None or all of the above?

Hopelessly Out Of Most Loops

It's gushing over faves, basically, I think? Sort of a combination of gushing and reccing? I've mostly seen it used for ship manifestos, which are basically "this is why you should ship these people, these are the things I like about the ship, here are some pretty pictures." I think this community is more general, so it can be for not just ships but also shows and fandoms and things.