Legends of Tomorrow-Sara

A few thoughts on Legends of Tomorrow season two

The finale aired tonight!

So that was definitely a season of television that happened ...

I'm really conflicted about season two. Season one pretty much ended up giving me everything I wanted; in spite of the cliffhanger(ish) ending, it felt very complete and satisfying. If it had just stopped there, I would have been very happy with it.

Season two ... I ended up getting pretty much nothing that I wanted, but then it gave me several things I had no idea I wanted, and a lot of the episodes were really fun individually, so ... conflicted!

I did absolutely love Sara's journey this season. It's so great seeing her grow into her role as Captain, to the point where everyone recognizes it. I love that she got the big badass moment at the end. And while it's an ensemble show, she's probably the main character at this point, which means two of DC's four shows are centered on female protagonists, one of them openly bisexual, and that's lovely.

I also cannot believe how much I ended up enjoying the Legion of Doom. If you'd told me beforehand that the Eobard-Dahrk-Merlyn triad would be one of my favorite things about the season ... hahaha, no. They were so gleefully evil and funny and entertaining, though!

And there were a lot of little moments and individual episodes I liked. Nate and Amaya also grew on me a lot, and I was surprisingly into them as a couple by the end. I really liked their sex first --> then love romantic trajectory, because that's not something you see done on TV very often.

But I got very little of what I was hoping for at the start of the season, emotionally, with the characters I was most invested in then, and idk ... while the first season grabbed me fannishly, I enjoyed the second season overall, but it didn't really get me in a fannish kind of way, and I ended the season feeling a lot less invested in the characters I started out most invested in. (Except for Sara. ♥ SARA IS BAE. ♥ It doesn't hurt that Caity Lotz is basically amazing and does all her own stunts.)

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