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I got me a bingo card

I signed up for a card at [community profile] genprompt_bingo. I'm really happy with the card I got; it looks like a lot of fun!

Internet / Social Media Terrible Choices Office Enemies Sufficiently Advanced Technology
Mind Games A Blessing is Bestowed Character Study Hurricane / Typhoon Midnight
Fork in the Road AU Humour Wild Card Exhaustion May you live in Interesting Times
Venerable Radiation Home-cooking Mobile / Carnivorous Plants Palau
Hero Cake and Cookies Powerful Poker Night Worst case scenario

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That looks like a fun card! The 'Mobile / Carnivorous Plants' could fit into Agent Carter's universe quite nicely!! I mean, you could easily see triffid-type plants turning up in it, right?!! :D

Of course, there are lots of carnivorous plants that exist already (eg venus flytrap), so you could fit it into any fandom - maybe Mozzie has a carnivorous plant called 'Audrey II'... :D

There could be soooo much fun done with 'Poker Night' in any fandom - though part of me wants to see Rodney playing poker, lol!! :D :D
I think this card will work great for all of the fandoms I'm into right now! I'm really delighted with it. :D
Love the card! You should write ALL the things. Especially "terrible choices" XD
I have rarely had a card turn out this good. I think just about every one of these squares gives me ideas!

Possibly my favorite thing about this card is that it gave me one of the world's most obscure nations (Palau - I had to look it up to even find out where/what it is) and ... it's a place that Jack could very plausibly have been during WWII. HELLO BACKSTORY FIC. :D
It's great! There's so much you can do with it.

Yes to all the backstories! :D
This is a fun card, you should be able to cover several fandoms. Looking forward to the fills