Kismet-Frank threat

So many website updates. So many.

Phew. I've finished a bunch of archive updating for my webcomic Kismet. The site that used to host my backup archive (where all the short comics were) went down a couple of years ago, and I'm just now getting all of those back up on my website. I also got the website perma-archive updated to mirror the Tumblr site where it regularly updates. (It was almost 100 pages behind. Oops.)

It is very weird to go back to hand-coding HTML in a text editor after getting used to updating pages like a grown-up in a Wordpress/social media interface. I never have gotten the Kismet site into any sort of content manager. On the other hand, I've been maintaining the site for so long -- since about 1999, through a number of style changes, but still with a fundamentally similar underlying site scheme -- that the updating goes pretty quick once I get back into the swing of remembering which bits of code to modify on each comic page and which folders to upload into.

So, in short, if you have wanted to check out my webcomic, or didn't even know I had one, now is a good time because everything is FINALLY back online! Kismet is a space opera comic that, at the present time, consists of two books (one of which is complete; the other is currently updating) and a number of short side comics.

Book 1: Hunter's Moon (2002-2006)

Advantage to starting here: This is the recommended starting point; it was the beginning for me, and therefore, you can jump in and start reading without missing any context.
Disadvantage: The art and storytelling are both pretty rough in the beginning. The second book is also a lot more diverse, with a cast that's largely female/PoC.

Book 2: Sun-Cutter (2009-present)
Archive and current updates can also be found at

Advantage to starting here: The art is much better. It's also largely separate from the Hunter's Moon storyline, featuring a different set of characters, and doesn't start to tie back into the events of HM until about 70 or 80 pages in, so it can be read as its own thing if you prefer. The female characters get to shine a lot more, and there are fewer of what I might charitably refer to as "dubious writing choices."
Disadvantage: It does eventually spoil a bunch of things about Hunter's Moon. Also, some things will probably make more sense if you've read HM first.

The Short Comics

Advantage to starting here: You can get some samples without having to commit to a 300-page graphic novel. They don't go past the beginning of Hunter's Moon, so you won't be spoiled for anything in the main comic storyline if you read them.
Disadvantage: The art styles of the short comics are all over the map and not typical of the main comic's style at all. They're also fairly disjointed and jump around through 90 years of timeline. They're meant to supplement the main storyline rather than replacing it.

Just ask me if you have any questions!

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