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Dear SSR Confidential creator

First of all, thank you so much for creating something for me! :D I tend to write long letters with a lot of options, but that's just to give you ideas. I know it's probably nervewracking to discover that you're making something for the mod who ALSO has a very long request letter, but please do not feel bound to follow my suggestions. I have very few DNWs, so I'm sure I will love whatever you make me.

For vids, see my signup details. You can also look at my vids tag to see what my typical aesthetic and musical choices are like, but don't feel bound by that.

General fic likes: friendship, casefic, action, fluff, cuddling, banter, awkward developing relationships, established relationships, hurt/comfort, quiet domestic moments (e.g. playing board games, going out for drinks), getting trapped somewhere together (either the super angsty kind where a building has collapsed on them or they're stranded in a cabin, or the funny/cracky kind where they're on surveillance duty together or forced to spend the night in jail because of a mission gone wrong), AUs

General fic dislikes: character death, character bashing, tragic/hopeless endings

Some h/c tropes I like:

I like fic without h/c just fine, so no worries on that front if it's not something you like and/or your story idea doesn't include any. However, I thought it might be helpful to list some h/c tropes I'm particularly fond of, just in case it's inspiring:

- characters taking a hit for each other (either in the literal taking-a-bullet sense, or more metaphorically - e.g. accepting the blame so someone else can avoid a worse fate)
- hypothermia and huddling for warmth
- "don't die on me!" i.e. someone is bleeding out/suffocating/etc and there is ANGST
- comas
- presumed dead
- head injuries or anything else that makes a character woozy, dizzy, and out of it (drugs, say)
- having to perform makeshift first aid in an emergency situation (idficciness goes up in direct proportion to the direness of the injury)
- characters being imprisoned together in a TortureDungeon(TM)
- any sort of scenario that makes rescue breathing and/or CPR necessary
- people noticing that someone in the group is lonely/sad/had a bad day and wanting to cheer them up
- stranded in the wilderness together

The "together" is a key component of most of the above ... given the choice, I prefer h/c with angst and worry and desperate first aid, if not in the beginning, then at some point. <3

My signup:

Peggy Carter & Daniel Sousa & Jack Thompson, Peggy Carter/Daniel Sousa/Jack Thompson, Peggy Carter & Jack Thompson, Daniel Sousa & Jack Thompson, Daniel Sousa/Jack Thompson, Peggy Carter/Jack Thompson, Peggy Carter/Daniel Sousa, Peggy Carter, Fic, Vids

SSR OT3. <3 I love these three in all relationship combinations (gen or ship) and individually. Having said that, if we matched on just one pairing or character, don't feel obligated to include the other(s) if you'd prefer not to. (FWIW, I headcanon Jack as having survived his shooting; if your fic addresses that in any way, please don't kill him! At least not without fixing it! It's fine to just avoid the issue, however.)

I enjoy anything set in the show's time period, in the future (their future, that is - anytime between the 1940s and now), or in an AU (either "things happened differently" AUs or total AUs such as the kind where they're all college students or everyone is in space).

Here are some fic ideas:
- Any kind of typical mission casefic, especially really weird "it could only happen at the SSR" type stuff.
- Early friendship/relationship moments when they don't know each other very well yet.
- Someone doing something nice for someone else, especially if they do it secretly with no expectation of reward, but the other person finds out anyway.
- Post-season-two-finale fic about Jack's recovery or the search for his shooter.
- Someone is kidnapped or hurt, and must be rescued.
- Patching each other up after a mission gone bad.
- One of them is presumed dead. ANGST!
- The future version of one of the characters travels back to the show's time period.
- The canon characters meet an AU version of one of them and/or get stuck in an AU somehow and have to get home.
- One or more of the characters gets superpowers because of a device or mutagen.
- Jack actually DOES die at the end of season two, but someone gets a do-over. (No permanent deathfic though, please!)

AU ideas (I love all AUs, but here are some that might be fun):
- Modern-day AU in which they're cops or private detectives
- TEAM SSR IN SPAAAACE! Maybe they're on a starship, or colonists on a new planet?
- Urban fantasy AU (werewolves! magic users! vampires!)
- Steampunk AU (DIRIGIBLES! Does Daniel get a cool steampunk leg?)
- Arranged marriage in just about any setting
- What if Daniel's not the only one who came back from the war with a disability?
- What if things went disastrously wrong in the season one or season two finale, and now they have to deal with the fallout from failing to stop the bad guys?

Feel free to incorporate other characters. I love everybody on this show. See my letter for general fic likes/dislikes and favorite h/c tropes in case h/c is something you like too.

Vids - if you choose to make me a vid (\o/), I like a lot of different kinds of music. My main musical preference is for a pop or alternative sound (if it's terribly overplayed on the radio, I probably like it), but my musical tastes are very broad so if you have a song that suits the vid you want to make, go for it! (Some examples of artists that get heavy rotation in my iTunes playlists: Indigo Girls, fun., the Killers, Carbon Leaf, REM, P!nk, Bob Dylan, U2, Barenaked Ladies, Of Monsters and Men. But these are just some samples of the kind of thing I like; you should follow your heart, vidder. I'm sure I'll love it. <3)

Not a big fan of a lot of talking clips - a few are fine, just not the whole vid - or a lot of extremely fast cuts and f/x so heavy it obscures the clips.

Any sort of relationship vid would be nice (gen or ship), or a character study of any of the requested characters, or even a constructed reality vid in which they're thieves or noir detectives or something like that! I also really love general vids about the show and can never get enough of them.

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