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A few random thoughts on Flash and Legends of Tomorrow this week ...

Jesse after punching HR: "That was oddly satisfying." SAME, JESSE, SAME. I go back and forth on HR (he does have his moments), but he was definitely fingernails on a chalkboard for me this week, especially with the "when the real Flash gets back" crack and his follow-up attempts to explain/justify which only drove his foot deeper in his mouth. There are things that frustrate me sometimes about how Flash deals with its female characters, but I absolutely love that the narrative backed up Jesse on this: her anger at HR for implying that she wasn't a real superhero was justified, and the narrative voice of the episode was 100% with her angry pushback; not once did I get the implication that she was supposed to be unreasonable, overly sensitive, or childish for being angry about it. And she didn't hit HR out of anger, she hit him to get him out of her way because she had superheroing to do. I loved that, and I loved even more that she ended up being the first person to score a real hit on Savitar, when even Barry couldn't do it.

That said, going up against a bad guy who has effortlessly defeated everyone who's tried to fight him was total lunacy, but it's not like any of the characters are masters in that area.

This episode implied so heavily that Jay=Savitar that I was fully expecting a reveal at the end ... which didn't happen ... so ... idk? I think Savitar's identity is going to come completely out of left field; it could be literally anyone, but probably isn't going to be anyone who has been foreshadowed, which makes me think it's probably not future!Barry since he's the main pick of the fandom right now. Jay was just such a good candidate -- he was someone who hadn't been in the running yet, having to fight him in a final boss battle would really mess up Barry in a major way, and he even fit some of the crackier clues that people have been tossing around (like Savitar's repeated line "I am the future, Flash," which can also be read as "I am the future Flash").

(New crack theory: Savitar is Iris! She gets speed powers to save herself and ends up in a self-fulfilling prophesy!)

Legends of Tomorrow this week started out kind of a mess. There are about a million things that frustrated me about the plot, such as: why didn't they just fly the Waverider directly to the moon and get the spear? Why mess with the lunar lander at all? Better yet, jump the Waverider five years into the past and get the spear THEN, before Eobard gets to it! Speaking of Eobard, why didn't he time travel to a point in the future that has relatively simple moon-travel technology and get the spear THEN, instead of going to 1970? etc ...

.... buuuuut then I was won over by things like Eobard and Ray working together -- lol, Ray in the middle of his dramatic "I am stranded on the mooooooon" monologue and the camera panning to Eobard's "What are you doing?!!" -- and Rip deferring to Sara as captain, which, akin to Jesse's growth as a superhero getting backed up by the narrative in Flash, was a lovely bit of affirmation. Honestly I would never in a million years have expected that Rip wasn't going to step back into the captain's shoes when he got back, and Rip recognizing and acknowledging that Sara's grown into the leadership position was beautiful (though the "you're a better captain than I ever was" bit was heartbreaking).

I suspected after last week's episode that Rip won't stay on the ship at the end of the season, and now I think so even more, though if not, I'm very curious what sort of ending he's going to get. (I'll be disappointed if the possibility of bringing his family back with the Spear doesn't at least come up. I have to say that it's interesting he doesn't even seem to have thought of using it for that purpose, or if he did, didn't consider it worth the risk of breaking the universe permanently. Of course, Doylistically speaking, that's because the writers hadn't decided to incorporate it prior to season two, but in-universe there is just about no way that Rip DOESN'T break my heart and that's definitely one of them.)

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HR was getting on my nerves too. Barry seems to be having a major martyr complex. Savatar reasons for hating Barry seem a little flimsy. At least it is established he is a man