Legends of Tomorrow-Sara

This week's Legends of Tomorrow

AAHHHHHH, I loved that episode SO MUCH! The back half of the season, with a couple of exceptions (.... the Camelot ep) has been so good, and while I was starting to get frustrated with the seemingly endless Evil Rip plot, the payoff was so worth it. This season hasn't been mashing my friendship and h/c trope buttons nearly as hard as season one, but this episode did it, and did it good. "I don't know what's real." "They are." aaaahhhhhh! and GIDEON! I ... I ship it now, which means I have a ship in which half of the ship is a ship. I was shipping Sara/Rip for a little while this season, but I'm back to being all over the brotp for them. Also, Jax has been amazing this season. ♥ Jax ♥

... Rip is so broken at the end though. He can't even look anyone in the eye. ALL THE HUGS FOR RIP. Followed by all the therapy. I was hoping he wouldn't remember everything that happened to him. ;___;

Also, I was SO WRONG about how he got "fixed." I didn't think they could do it without the Spear of Destiny. This was better, though. POWER OF FRIENDSHIP FOR THE WIN. Also, we have good guy Rip back earlier than I was afraid we were going to, if they had to find the spear first.

Special tragic/hilarious shout-out to Ray's little family of dolls during his period of isolation in the Cretaceous. All the hugs and therapy for EVERYONE.

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