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This week's Flash

Mainly complaining this time, because good friggin' grief. XD

Okay, so first of all, while I was actually WATCHING the episode, it was tense and exciting and everything with the hallucinations and Julian's possession and Wally's eventual fate was pleasantly creepy. So I actually did like it. But this episode was pretty much nonstop passing the idiot ball around. GOOD LORD.

I thought it was blindingly obvious Savitar was in the Speed Force. I thought it was so obvious I didn't even realize it hadn't been revealed! As far back as when they threw the Philosopher's Stone in there, I wasn't sure why they'd put it where Savitar is, but I figured it was some handwavy thing where it didn't matter since space and time don't exist in the Speed Force. BUT NO, they're just idiots, omg. >___>

AND THEN EVERYTHING WITH THE WEDDING PROPOSAL. Okay, look, first of all, once the idea occurred to Barry, I can't understand WHY ON EARTH he had to lie about it. It's a simple plan! He and Iris and Joe could have all sat down and talked it over like grownups and decided that it made sense for Iris and Barry to get married. BUT NO. And then there's Iris's reaction. Iris, who you'd think would have a vested interest in NOT DYING herself. Iris, literally all you have to do is wear an engagement ring for a few months. It doesn't "taint" anything for the love of Christ. (I realize that all the stupidity surrounding the wedding proposal, Barry being a dink about not telling people what he's up to, and Iris being a dink about not wanting an engagement that isn't ~~tainted~~ all goes back to the TV concept of romance where anything planned in advance isn't ~~~romantic~~~ and it has to be a surprise engagement with a bajillion candles or it doesn't count, as opposed to two people mutually deciding that it makes sense to get married at this point in time ... for the show's premiere couple, anyway. Caitlin and Ronnie's wedding was so sensible and down-to-earth, especially by comparison to all this nonsense.)

Anyway, the fundamental aspect of the plan isn't the wedding, it's the ring. Literally any ring would do. Why couldn't Barry just TELL HER HIS IDEA and then arrange to have her always wear a particular piece of jewelry she wasn't wearing in his future glimpse? If she feels skeevy about wearing an engagement ring for primarily practical reasons (although I still maintain that, jeez, Iris, PRIORITIES -- your LIFE is on the line here) it doesn't have to be an engagement ring. Barry can just give her a nice ring or necklace or bracelet, and she can wear it. Or any piece of jewelry she owns! Get a tattoo on the back of her hand, even.

The priorities thing also applies to Wally, by the way. You could help save your sister's life by SHUTTING UP about the ring, but no, it's more important to make sure she knows so she can ... take off the ring ... and die? Good plan!

And then there was Caitlin keeping a piece of the magic stone that almost killed Cisco and they all know Savitar can use to mess with people's heads. I mean, it turned out to be the right thing to do by total accident, but it was a supremely boneheaded move. (Though at least I can see why she did it.) And HR, as usual, just making up anything he doesn't know, such as pushing random buttons that could FRY CISCO'S BRAIN and almost breaking the goggles that are one of their main tools for helping Iris right now ... and Julian not wanting to do the thing they all need him to do not so much because he's (understandably) worried about having Savitar in his head, as worrying about Caitlin thinking ill of him for ... being possessed against his will ...


Anyway, beyond the general epidemic of stupidity this episode, I did genuinely enjoy it. Everyone's grief at the end was so heartbreaking, especially Barry and Joe. The bit with HR and Jesse was really sweet. (Though I think the show could make me like HR 1000% more than I do by just having him emote negative emotions a little more. He seemed to be close to Wally, but now that Wally is dead-ish his reaction is just ... kind of ... he seemed more concerned for Jesse's grief than concerned about Wally himself. Does the man have no object permanence at all??)

Savitar calling Wally "Wallace" is interesting, though. HR is the only person who does that, but from the way Savitar talks to him, I don't get the impression that he is Savitar ... though this is also the show that had Jay and Zoom turn out to be the same person, so it's entirely possible. It's also interesting that he singled out HR to insult. In any case, I'm dying to know who he is.

ETA: Just saw this post on Tumblr -

"A series of terrible decisions ensues."
— AV Club Review of The Flash 3x15


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Okay two things (while I haven't seen this episode I have thoughts).

1. The MOMENT I saw Barry starting to propose I knew it would all go horribly wrong because ~drama~.

2. I think that it's not just any ring that she needs to wear, because technically then why propose at all, she could just promise never to wear the particular clothes that Barry saw in the future. I think the intend may have been to change the circumstances of her existence in the future. In which case, honestly, I'm kind of feeling like why doesn't iris just book a vacation for the month of X. (The thing is, as always with timetravel, the final result will still put her in that exact position due to ~fate/circumstances~ conspiring to keep the timeline intact etc etc, so all of Barry's attempts will come to naught...but basically whether or not she's wearing a ring is really immaterial?)

erm. Yeah. I haven't seen the ep though so I may be off base. (/reads all the spoilers)



But hon, they just lost their voice of reason *coughs*Harry*coughs* so it makes perfect logical sense that their next plan is Pure Boneheadedness (tm)! It's only so they can realize they desperately need Harry back :D

Also I'm kind of wanting to see Jesse's reaction to (semi?) dead Wally. How dead is he? Mostly I just feel like Jesse going through some of the stuff that Harry went through might be eye-opening for her in terms of understanding him.

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honestly, I'm kind of feeling like why doesn't iris just book a vacation for the month of X

hahaha, yes. Actually, in general, Barry's method of changing the future by changing small details about it is just weird. It makes so little sense! If changing one detail about Iris's appearance could really stop that future from coming true, then the logical thing is to have her throw out those clothing items from her wardrobe, shave her head and/or dye her hair, or otherwise implement some change that would make it borderline impossible for the scene to play out as Barry saw. But, a) that probably wouldn't help because none of the details he's changed so far have made a difference (and he's DEFINITELY changed things by now), and b) the one thing he could actually do, trying to make sure that Iris isn't on those steps on that date, is the one thing no one seems to be making any reasonable attempts to do.

But hon, they just lost their voice of reason *coughs*Harry*coughs* so it makes perfect logical sense that their next plan is Pure Boneheadedness (tm)! It's only so they can realize they desperately need Harry back :D

bwaha. I have to say, in spite of Harry's interpersonal problem-solving skills being absolute shit, every time he's on the show I'm reminded of how much better he is than most of the other characters at cutting straight through the mess to find effective solutions to their problems. He's probably on Earth-2 most of this season because otherwise the season would be half as long. XD

ETA: The problem is that Wally is stuck in the speed force. Everyone is flipping out about this in spite of the fact that THEY LITERALLY JUST RESCUED BARRY FROM THE SPEED FORCE ONE SEASON AGO, which means they know how to do it.

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This whole episode was a just a big bag of stupid.

I agree with you about the pacing - it was exciting while watching, but there were too many moments that slapped me out of the story. The piece of the stone that Caitlin somehow kept, the magical null box reappearing, Savitar's acolytes knowing about Barry's engagement, Wally basically being TSTL, were all jaw-dropping moments of stupidity.

/start rant

But the biggest problem I had with this episode was Joe going off on Barry for not asking his permission to marry his almost 30-year old daughter, and then Iris blowing up at Barry when Wally reveals all, and ripping Barry a new one for not asking her dad's permission, either.


That was the word used in both conversations. Not "ask for my blessing" but permission.


It's not 1817 or even 1917. It's 2017 and all of a sudden, Iris West is now her father's property to be disposed. Perhaps the Berlanti-verse writer's room thinks that's the definition of romance, but I most emphatically disagree, Iris was always supposed to be an icon of female empowerment, a woman who had her own life and career. Season 3 Iris West is now the McGuffin. She's Kate Moreau with more screen time.

/end rant

Oh GOD yes, I forgot to mention it because I was distracted by all the rampant stupidity, but that scene with Joe and Barry sent my blood pressure into the stratosphere. Like, really, Joe? PERMISSION??? (Joe is such a weird mix of dad-of-the-year and worst dad ever. He really has no middle setting AT ALL. Most of the time I'm just "awwww" at Joe with his kids, and then there are those sudden WTF JOE IS YOUR BRAIN A CUCUMBER ~~NO~~ moments.)

And along similar lines, everyone in this episode seemed to forget that Jesse is ALSO a superhero, not just Wally's girlfriend, and has in fact been superheroing longer than he has.


I hope next week's is better, though my hopes aren't high based on the previews.