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Internet, answer me a thing

What does "soft" mean, in the slangy sense that it's used on Tumblr? Sometimes capitalized, sometimes not. I've picked up a sense that it's used to indicate the opposite of edgy, basically, with a sort of vaguely fetishy connotation? a little like "sweet" in Lolita subculture? but ... idk, so tell me, internets.

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I've heard the word used two ways: one in terms of men accusing other men of being weak or spineless; the other in terms of letting a character, like Bucky Barnes for example, do things other than be ferocious and deadly. "Soft!Bucky" would be one that takes his dog for a walk or cuddles kittens, etc.

The fetishy bit... no idea as I haven't seen it used that way by the folks I follow, but I'm sure there's a tumblr subset that has fetishized softness in all its iterations, because tumblr.
The DW comments on this are pretty interesting - it looks like the tumblr usage is basically your second one (nurturing, nonthreatening, stereotypically feminine traits, that kind of thing). Anyway, thanks!

The thing I found most interesting on tumblr is that you can't search for it. At least, when I try, it returns no results, which is obviously wrong. So far it's the only search term I've tried that appears to be blocked.