SSR Confidential 2017 planning posts are up

Planning post on Dreamwidth | Planning post on LJ | Tumblr post

Basically these are just asking for input on this year's schedule (tagset nominations in early March, signups in late March, fics due in early June - similar to last year) and a couple of potential rule changes.

On a completely other topic, I was in the school supplies aisle last night looking for a 2-pocket folder (this kind of thing) to replace the falling-apart one I've been using since middle school and don't really like anyway. Don't they have pretty ones anymore?? Do you guys remember all the different fashion folders we used to be able to get, with unicorns or cats or butterflies or whatever? Are those not a thing anymore? It was all solid-colored folders with a tiny handful of sports-themed ones. I wanted unicorns, dammit. :P They didn't even have very many colors. At least I was able to find a purple one.

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Target generally has some very cool file and other folders. I ask for and get cool office supplies for Christmas; the ones I got this year are gold and black designs. One of them says Goal Digger across the front. LOL
Sadly we don't have a Target here, but I'll do some poking around and see what else I can find, knowing that they're out there. Actually, asking people to scout for me for Christmas is a fantastic idea, since apparently I am hard to shop for and this is both cheap and fun.
Walmart has some but no, the class rooms are half paperless and even when they're not, they just take photos of your notes and write down nothing.
YAY SSR Confidential! The schedule works for me :)