Happy things

Chocolate Box is live! I didn't officially participate, but I picked up two pinch hits. See if you can guess which ones.

For Valentine's Day (Friendship Day in Finland), a multi-fandom friendship commentfic fest (art also welcome). Go leave some prompts! ♥ I really would like to write something sweet and simple to get my head out of the gloom spiral it's been stuck in lately, so prompts for Agent Carter, Flash, Legends of Tomorrow, or White Collar might have a pretty good chance of getting something written for them. Just saying.

The Google doodle for Valentine's is A PANGOLIN DATING GAME. (Sort of.) You roll your little pangolin and collect items to bake a cake, sing a song, etc. for your pangolin sweetie. There are also adorable little pangolin courting animations, all involving pangolins of unspecific/neutral gender, because pangolins.

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