Infinite Squee

So I found some Flash promo pictures from the next episode

For a spoilerphobe, I am really terrible at actually staying unspoiled for things.

However, I regret nothing. Pictures and spoilers follow.


This episode


is going


to kill me.

I was concerned that the episode would end up being all "worried team searches for Harry" with no actual Harry in it, but I don't think that's going to be a problem from the look of these. I am SO THERE for scruffy, banged-up Harry in a cage.

(Also, I think he might actually be mind-controlled in that first pic? Because that doesn't look like a normal Harry expression. I had forgotten about the telepathy thing and the potential for the episode to be full of characters being forced to attack their friends. As if this episode wasn't ALREADY hitting almost as many of my buttons as it is possible to hit.)

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