Also, just for the record

With the present state of the world being what it is, I should not be allowed to read about apocalypses.

It doesn't even have to be an apocalypse that's likely to happen! The book in question was about a comet hitting the Earth and everyone wandering around trying to survive in the ensuing nuclear winter. Apparently my hindbrain REALLY DID NOT LIKE THAT, because I finished reading it last night in bed and then ended up having to get up for two hours and do relaxing things on the Internet to calm down enough to sleep.

So, right. No apocalypses for me right now.

I really enjoyed the book, though - On the Edge of Gone by Corinne Duyvis. It's YA with an autistic protagonist (written by an autistic author) and, as apocalypses go, it's not at all grimdark. A lot of bad stuff happens because, well, apocalypse (and if animal harm/animal death is an issue for you, be aware that a subplot includes pets being put to sleep), but overall it's an optimistic book about people pulling together and trying to help each other and rebuild society.

All the scenes of people wandering around in a dark, flooded wasteland trying to find enough food to survive were apparently traumatic in a way my brain couldn't quite deal with right now, though.

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Sounds like an interesting book, but yeah, I can see why your hindbrain objected *hugs*
Hmmm, yes. I quite enjoyed Malevil by Robert Merle, but reading it just before sleep - bad idea.

(A nuclear bomb/nuclear war happens. There is a group of mostly guys staying at a castle who survive hidden in the castle's cellar, only guessing what really happened. The rest of the book is post-apocalyptic, rebuilding society, intriquing moral issues and stuff, but both me and my brother agreed that the description of the catastrophe gave us nightmares afterwards.)
Since I know full well that in an apocalypse I would be one of the first to go (no survival skills at ALL here...) but also since the World Has Been Going To End at least 40-50 times in my lifetime...
Ha, yeah. Everything old is new again ...

One of the things this book was specifically written to combat, I think, was the idea that people are going to need to have specific survival-themed skills to survive, as opposed to people finding useful things to do in the community even if they're, say, in a wheelchair or whatever. Which I liked, even if it was a little too dark for the kind of thing I want to be reading right now.