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... so apparently the next episode of Flash is not for two weeks and I'm going to diiiiiiiieeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

Spoilers for the next Flash episode, based on promos and such:

One of my bulletproof narrative kinks on ensemble shows is the "everybody loves so & so" episode - the ones where the whole team goes out of their way to save, rescue, adopt, or embrace one of their own. Usually it's "so & so is in desperate peril!" and everyone risks their lives to save them, though sometimes you get lower-key versions that are just about team bonding and being nice to someone in their midst (e.g. "Tao of Rodney" on SGA).

Anyway, knowing that the next Harry episode is going to be one of those episodes (for Harry) is KILLING ME in the best possible way. I don't even care if there's h/c when they actually find him. I just want all the worry and the searching. ♥

A stray comment about this week's episode:

I am totally on board with Julian/Caitlin as a pairing. They're super cute and I've really enjoyed watching them progress from "she tried to kill him" to gradually learning to trust each other. I love that she's been the one to invite him into their little circle. (Caitlin is such a sweetheart.) I would have liked them as friends but a romance is okey dokey. I still predict he's going to die, though I'd be very pleasantly surprised if he doesn't.

Regardless of my feelings on the pairing, though, I am STILL annoyed at someone on Tumblr a couple of weeks ago who was complaining about the idea of Julian/Caitlin because that would mean that Caitlin's arc this season was "all about a boy." Yeah, and did you completely miss the last ten episodes with the Killer Frost arc which is literally all about Caitlin learning to control her dark side? And Caitlin getting a whole episode that was all about her? It's true that she's had a romance in each of the previous seasons and her main arcs have disproportionately centered around those, but that hasn't been true this season at all, and Caitlin getting a romance at the end of the season doesn't make her arc about a boy any more than Barry having a love interest every season makes his storyline all about a girl.

In fact, one thing I really like about Caitlin is that her open interest in sex/sexuality/dating ("good looking guy ... for a criminal!") goes along with a general personality and character type that is not at all the kind of female archetype that typically has multiple love interests and expresses open appreciation for sexy guys around her. That is, she's not a character who waves a "THIS FEMALE CHARACTER LIKES SEX!!" flag over her head. She's just a regular woman with about average sex drive who acts accordingly. And I really like that.

(Also, the science this episode was even more wtf than usual. FREEZE IRIS'S ARM TO SAVE HER LIFE. A+ plan, it doesn't hurt a limb in the slightest to have it frozen solid for hours, nope.)

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YES. :D I love how it's not OTT or anything -- she's just a regular person who is interested in dating and guys.
btw I'm trying to keep future spoilers separate so you can avoid them. :D Let me know if there is anything else I can do to keep you spoiler-free.
My daughter's been riding the "ugh, I hate Julian" horse for most of the season (scornful mutterings of, "Malfoy, just stop" were a regular commentary track from her end of the sofa), until last night. The commentary track suddenly grew quite louder with, "I ship it!!" during the elevator scene. XD

But what you said about Caitlin's arc. Tumblr can be so... I'll just say ridiculous and leave it at that. *tries not to think about the war waged against Sharon Carter*

Definitely comic hand-wavey science going on with Iris' arm. I admit that strained credulity almost to the 'knock me out of the episode' point, but I gritted my teeth and muscled through to the very sweet payoff at the end.

I think my fave moment was Joe, in the midst of the potentially world-ending crisis, muttering to Wally, "You BETTER be going to class." Joe will be a dad to the bitter end. *g* I love that man.
Your daughter: hee! They ARE cute. Hopefully this one doesn't go the way of all of Caitlin's epically disastrous relationships.

And yeah, Joe is so great. :D I did have a couple of eyerolly moments during Joe's freakout about being lied to, because Joe, you literally lied to Iris for all of season one and Wally for most of season two, you hypocrite. XD But he's so devoted to his kids and to being a good dad; it's wonderful.

it is nice that catlin may have bf hope he sticks around love intrests of the team tend to disappear. that was a cruel cliffhanger

Yeah, and Caitlin's relationships in particular tend to end in disaster -- so far she's had one fiancé/husband who died TWICE, and a boyfriend who died and then turned out to be the season's Big Bad. Poor Caitlin. Hopefully this one goes better.

The cliffhanger! aaaaa!