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I requested a February amnesty card at hc_bingo -- you get a postage stamp of four prompts (one of them a wildcard space) and have to use them all in one story. It was this, incidentally, that gave me the Peter werewolf 'verse a few years ago.

This one, though:

WILD CARD mistaken identity
imprisonment orphans

That's a tricky bunch of prompts. I'm actually very tempted to write this one as non-fanfic, because I can easily think of various ways to do an origfic version ("orphans" and "mistaken identity" go together beautifully) but it just doesn't really seem to fit any of the fandoms I'm currently writing in.

Note to myself: [community profile] fan_flashworks' current prompt is "Party", and I really want to write something for that! I've been uninspired by their recent prompts, but this one looks fun.

Need to finish my Chocolate Box exchange fic first, though.

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yeah orphans is tough...unless you do something like...Peggy rescuing orphans from imprisonment, and being mistakenly identified as....hydra! *throws ideas at wall*
I like the idea of introducing random orphans to rescue - if I can't come up with a fandom that has canon orphans, I might have to do that!
Mozzie's an orphan. Okay, how's this? Set back a couple of centurie and Mozzie is n the streets. Someone mistakes him for another kid and imprisons him. Neal rescues him, or something. Or maybe they're both orphans and it's Neal who gets mistaken for someone else and Mozzie saves him... or maybe I'm clutching at straws here for you!! :D

SGA has plenty of opportunities for orphans.
Ahaahaaaa, I forgot about Mozzie! You know, come to think of it, the Dentist of Detroit episode has every one of the non-wildcard squares (and most of the Mozzie-centric eps have at least two of the three).