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Art-a-Day: February (day 3)


Here's how my February art-a-day is going! I decided to do a wilderness scene with standing stones, on the general principle that it would have lots of interesting textures and if things don't match up properly, I can put a convenient bush over the awkward joining bits. XD (I'm already slightly concerned about that cliff in the foreground ...)

An unrelated thing that I haven't managed to shoehorn into a previous post: the best thing I've done for my mental health and productivity the last couple of weeks is to make a personal rule that all browser windows must be closed before I go to bed. It's working out so well that I think it's going to be a permanent habit. (It's pretty close to an established habit already.) For a long time I've had a bad habit of opening a bunch of tabs and letting them age while I try to compose comments or decide whether to reblog things or read articles I meant to read. If something is REALLY important and I don't get to it by late evening, I can bookmark it or c&p the URL into a text doc, but that extra step of engagement really makes me think, "... am I actually going back to this? Is it worth it?" I thought it would be harder to nuke all those windows at the end of the day than it's actually turned out to be. If it's not important enough to comment on, read, or reblog within a few hours, it's probably not something I'm going to regret never coming back to.

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I like the details, and I love standing stones. I'll be very interested in seeing how it all comes together.
I like the little bits you've sketched so far there.

And I hear you on the mental health thing. Mine is going to be stop going to my twitter/FB feed at least an hour before I go to bed otherwise I'll be too upset to sleep.
Thank you! Yeah, in this case, it's something I've needed to do for awhile, but this is definitely a good time to do it.
Looks very nice! Also now that I see you doing it I really think I should try to do it myself as well. I'm 4 days behind I wonder if it'll still work or if it'll be too stressful...

I always shut down all the windows in the evening (I turn off the computer), and in fact I generally shut down all the windows if I get up from the desk for longer than about an hour. Keeping tabs open makes me feel disorganized and overwhelmed, so I just bookmark the stuff I want to get back to later.

(That said, on my work computer I do keep tabs open from day to day, but I think that's different since I'm literally continuously working on one thing for many days at a time and the tabs don't change. No point in reopening the same exact pages every morning).

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Thanks! You know, rather than trying to catch up, since the days are scattered in random order on the template, you could just start from #5 and fill in the earliest days when March comes.

Since I have a laptop, I rarely shut it down, but I've had a problem with accumulating tabs for awhile now. I go through tab-cleaning sprees, but that takes a lot of time, and I realized that I'm wasting literally hours and hours of my life just going through all my tabs, deciding which ones to comment on or save for later or whatever. Now I wipe the slate clean every evening and it feels SO GOOD.