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Happy things: art-a-day!

Discovered via [personal profile] goss, this looks fun: Monthly Art-A-Day (or sketch-a-day), an artistic advent-calendar-style project of [personal profile] darthneko's which they are kindly making available to everyone by sharing the templates. The link explains how it works, and here is the February template (from the Deviantart page, if you click "download" instead of saving the image you'll get a higher quality one - at least that's what I found).

I made a blueline version for myself and [personal profile] darthneko gave me permission to share it, so here's a mini preview and if you click on it, you'll get the full-sized one, which you can download:


Basically you print it out, fill in the boxes day by day according to their numbers (so you don't just start at the top and move to the right, you'll be jumping around), and have a finished art piece at the end. I strongly suspect I am going to end up with a weird-looking inked mess, but I'm looking forward to trying it! :D You can see a very lovely finished example at [personal profile] darthneko's journal.

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Looks fun, for those with the skill to do it! Will be interested to see what you draw! :)
Wow, what a neat idea. And a wee bit daunting as well, especially for an art noob like me.

Do you create your own art, I'm assuming? I think a "puzzle" version of this would be fun, where he creates the art and reveals each day what you should draw in the day's box.
Yeah, you create your own art. The idea of a puzzle-type one is cool too, though!