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Well, this is a fest that sounds like exactly my kind of thing and probably relevant to some of your interests as well: Cuddles for Comfort 2017. (Tumblr post for reblogging purposes.) There are no signups and it's not an exchange. You just write cuddlefic - gen, ship, or any point in between - and post it to the collection.

Speaking of cuddles, hugs, and similar things: the current status of the hug fest I mentioned awhile back is - waiting until I have time to run it. I suggested it when I did because I was going to be down for a week or so due to surgery; I do think postponing it was the right decision (I certainly wrote a lot more for Fandom Stocking than I would've been able to if I'd been running a commentfic fest at the same time) but now all of that is over and done, I'm in the "scrambling to catch up" phase of my professional life. So the hug fest is on hold until I have both time and inclination to put together something like that. Watch this space for details, and write cuddle fic in the meantime. :D

SSR Confidential, the Agent Carter fic exchange, will definitely run again in 2017. I'm planning a similar schedule to last year (signups in March, fic due in June). I'll post an updated schedule and rules to [community profile] ssrconfidential/ ssrconfidential probably sometime in early February.

Things I'm currently signed up for: I picked up a pinch hit for Chocolate Box (deadline Feb. 7) and I'm also signed up for a Harrison Wells ficathon thing that's due next week for Flash fandom, which is turning out to be SO HARD TO WRITE, omg.

Flash is the hardest fandom to write in, s2g. I was complaining at sheron about this earlier, and I think it has to do with several factors, one of which is that the whole experience of writing for the show feels to me a lot more like writing for old-school shounen anime fandoms than for most of the more down-to-earth live-action western fandoms I've been working in lately, and I've moved out of that headspace almost completely. Not to mention that the amount of continuity and continual plot/cast change between episodes makes it very difficult to find a place to make a fic fit, especially a plotty one. (I suspect I would probably be having this problem in Agent Carter, too, if it weren't a closed canon - I think the only reason why I've been able to write as much for it as I have is because there aren't new episodes. Almost everything I've written for it has been set between seasons, not during seasons, for that exact reason.) So Flash has that problem combined with, as Sheron pointed out, the problem that the characters are largely static - with a few exceptions*, they don't really change, in the same way characters on an episodic TV show usually don't ... except it's not an episodic show, and plotwise, the status quo changes constantly. It's just a really hard combination of factors to pull off fic for.

*Such as Harry. I think this is what makes Harry's arc stand out so much, because he really does change a lot as a character, and then he leaves the show once his arc is complete. As opposed to, say, Barry or Joe or Iris, who are basically the same people in mid-season three that they were at the start of season one.

(SO excited for Flash and Legends of Tomorrow to come back next week, though. *bounces* I really missed having a show to look forward to every week.)

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More seriously though, SSR Confidential is a "must do" exchange for me this year :D
.... oh right. So you did. Hey, it's been a year; I can hardly remember what I had for lunch yesterday. XD
There were 35 fics in that fest (give or take a few), at least half of which were either beta'd or written by me. Excuse me for not remembering who wrote every single one of them. :P

(Although, now that I'm thinking about it, I do remember doing the matchups with your entry. Mostly because yours was the one that I kept having to reset for some AO3-ish reason. I did get it to take eventually, though.)

Anyway, sorry for forgetting. I'm serious that it's been a year and there has been a LOT of fandom water under the bridge since then. If you asked me now who participated in SGA Genficathon any of the years I ran it, I probably couldn't tell you. I probably wouldn't even recognize half the fics *I* wrote for it!

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There were 35 fics in that fest (give or take a few), at least half of which were either beta'd or written by me

Hahahahaha. That...I got nothing. XD

(seriously, I was just amused though, no worries)
Oh my gosh are you in Flash fandom too??? I am as well, although I'm very quietly in it. :-)

Hi! Long time no see. :-)
Oh hi!! :D It's always fun to see people from old fandoms turn up in new ones! What parts of the fandom are you in? I'm still trying to figure out if it's something I can write fic for or not. Mainly I just reblog gifs on Tumblr and wallow around in all their cute faces. (Especially Tom Cavanagh's.)
I have tried to avoid interacting with a lot of fans, although I'm in an RP where I play Captain Cold (because I have always adored Captain Cold, and Wentworth Miller makes him so much fun).

So I have written exactly one fic by myself (The Favor), and co-written another with Redhead (All Worn Down that Lonely Road). Both can be found in Archive of Our Own.

I adore watch mostly for any version of Harrison Wells, for Captain Cold, Firestorm, and White Canary, although I adore almost everyone.

Edit: Oh yeah, Tumblr name tempestsonata, Archive is tempest_sonata :p

Glad that I still can muck up posting on LJ

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Those are excellent choices! I like all of those characters too, especially Sara who is one of my faves. :D *uses Sara icon*

The fandom as a whole is pretty awful, one of the worst ones I've been in - it's ship-warry and wanky and every time that I poke my head out of my quiet little fan corner I tend to regret it. :P But I really love watching the show(s) and poking at fic occasionally. I have a few fics for it on Ao3. Oh, and I'm laylainalaska on Tumblr. :D
It's super shippy, super angry, all the time. So I have made a few friends, and keep most of my opinions to myself, except in squeeing. I like to squee.

I should mention I love Golden Glider, and I'm sad that she hasn't been on in a while. So I'll see you around, and maybe also on here. I sometimes poke my head back in.
It's SUCH an angry fandom, isn't it? It's one of those fandoms where everyone seems to be looking for something to be upset about all the time. The spoilers make them mad, the ships make them mad, the characters make them mad. When I first got into it I followed a bunch of tumblr blogs for gifs, and then unfollowed at least half of them because every other post was ship or character or show bashing and ... just ... no. I'm in it to have fun, and I like ALL the characters. (I did have some less-than-squeeful times with Legends of Tomorrow earlier this season, but I've pretty much mellowed out on that. I just want to enjoy the pretty these days.)

And yeah, I love Golden Glider too! I low-key ship her with Cisco after their last episode together. I'm sad she hasn't been around much, and with Cold being currently [spoiler], I guess we're unlikely to see her anytime in the near future. But I hope she comes back eventually.
Angry all the time, and if you like one ship, suddenly you are evil and horrible. Look, this type of show is like White Collar for me; I can ship nearly anyone with anyone, with a few exceptions.

Poly shipping is my thing, and I get sick of getting jumped on for liking one or the other. :D

I do protest a few things if I feel the writers are doing a crap job handling delicate situations, but I'm not ANGRY about it. :p

Anyway. Can I ask your favorite ships? I shan't judge, whatever they are. :D
Well, it depends on if we're talking about the Flash characters or the ones over on Legends of Tomorrow. :D

For me, for whatever reason, Flash is an extremely non-shippy fandom. I'm fine with the canon ships, or those barely hinted at such as Cisco/Lisa Snart or Wally/Jesse. Otherwise, I really don't ship anyone at all, and I'm kinda actively not interested in ships that pair the older characters with the younger ones -- totally not a problem if someone does ship that, but I'm just not into it myself. (With a weird exception for HR. I don't know why, but he doesn't put off a "dad" vibe with the team the way that Harry or Joe doe. For me, anyway.) But yeah, for me Flash is mainly all about the teamy gen.

Legends of Tomorrow, on the other hand ... I sort of low-key ship the whole group. I don't have hard shippy feelings about anyone, but I could happily read just about any character on the ship paired off with any other character/characters, or the whole team in one big poly mess.
I guess I should have clarified. The Flash, with the exception of Cisco/Lisa, is really all I ship, I guess. I kinda ship Harry/Joe, and I really shipped Barry/Linda, or Linda/Iris, but yeah, that's it.

Legends is so poly. :D

But really I just want to watch the Legends team screw history up and snark at each other. I live for Mick's one-liners, and for Jax's "I am so done with all of you" expressions.