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Thanks for the responses on the hug fest post - I'm planning to respond, but I'm in a bit of a hurry at the moment. However, I made a banner, for reasons, so I wanted to slap that up and get your opinions, as well as seeing what you think about the timing of the fest.


Adorable cheesiness totally intentional; it is supposed to look like something you'd stick on the cover of a 9th-grade school binder. XD


Also: I was going to start this tonight or tomorrow morning, but that means it's going to overlap with the last couple of days of Fandom Stocking filling, and some people are still trying to fill h/c bingo cards as well. Does anyone think I ought to wait and start it this weekend instead?

ETA: One commenter suggested commas to indicate "either gen or ship" for the prompts, and I like that because it's easier to type. How does this look?

character & character = gen
character/character = ship
character, character = either gen or ship is good

ETA2: Yeah, not starting this week is probably best, and everyone seems to agree, what with fandom stocking and h/c bingo both going on right now. My reason for wanting to do it soon is that I wanted this as a distraction for ME, because tomorrow and the next day are when I'm going to be the most drugged up, uncomfortable, and generally wanting to huddle up with something fun. But trying to mod anything in that state is probably unwise. I'll just huddle up with Netflix instead, and run this when I'm feeling better. :D

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Yeah, the more I think about it, probably starting later is better. My thought process was that tomorrow and the next day are when I'm going to be miserable and drugged and have no brain, so I want something to distract me. But it's probably easier to just watch Netflix and not worry about modding something.
I think there's no down side to a later start, and clearly some up side.
Prompt system and banner look good! ^^

I'd personally vote for waiting 'til the weekend. My week is absolutely insane, so I'll barely have time or brainspace for it until then anyway.
Weekend sounds great to me!

Thank you for doing this :D
Yeah, now that I'm thinking about it, it'll probably be weekend or later. Not gonna lie, my sole reason for wanting to run this now was because I wanted a fun distraction from what is likely to be a few days, starting tomorrow, of being miserable and drugged-up and hungry. XD (Possibly more miserable than previously realized, since the pharmacy didn't have my prescriptions this afternoon and there's no telling when I'll get them, which means no pain meds.) However, trying to mod something when I have the attention span of a gnat is probably not the best idea.

Ahem. I mean yeah you should probably watch something fluffy and cute. *patpat*
It looks great! Ugh I really hope this will get me to actually write something that is not yuletide omg
I just wanted to say that the thought of a hug fest in general and where, on top of it, gen hugs are allowed makes me very happy. ♥