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Hug fest?

I'm having oral surgery in a couple of days (it's minor, it's just going to be painful and annoying) and between that and, well, everything else, I was thinking about running a hug-themed multifandom commentfic fest. Because EVERYONE could probably use a hug right now. Does that sound fun? :D

I'm currently poking at a possible set of instructions. I think both gen and ship should be allowed, but I'm not sure whether to let people specify it in the prompts, or leave it up to the people filling prompts. I was thinking about using this system:

character & character = gen
character/character = ship
character + character = either is good

Because there are some where I don't care, and some where I have REALLY STRONG FEELINGS about it. XD On the other hand, I don't want to hobble writers, or make the system so unnecessarily complex that lots of people end up doing it wrong because I didn't make the instructions clear enough. And maybe just providing the characters and letting the writer decide if they want to make it shippy or not is the best thing, since most hugs by default are most likely not going to be shippy, so sudden!surprise!incest! or whatever is probably a situation that is unlikely to come up.

What do you think?

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I am SO in. I was on the receiving end of many hugs just now, and I want to return the favour.

And I like your system! C:

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That system doesn't seem too complicated.

(I might argue that it depends on the fandom whether or not a hug is shippy by default. In some fandoms, two characters simply breathing air in the same room is enough for people to weigh anchor and sail the ship...)
In some fandoms, two characters simply breathing air in the same room is enough for people to weigh anchor and sail the ship..

This made me lol!! Oh so true! :D
Any combo works for me if it's after Jan 5th :P

Hope the surgery goes well *sends hugs*
Character + character works for me

Good luck with the surgery... hope you feel good soon after.
System looks good! For "either is good" I'd go with a comma instead of a + sign, just because I'm super lazy and the + sign is like, two centimeters and a SHIFT longer than a comma, but that's, you know. Me being INCREDIBLY lazy.
I like the idea of using a comma - it seems very simple and I like simple. :D The only concern I have is whether it'd be confusing if the prompt and fandom are also separated with commas, which is how I've usually seen it done at most comment fests, so, for example, something like:

MCU, Steve, Bucky, ice

Do you think that'd still be clear enough?
It seems simple enough to me, though you could also use "&/" for "either".

I think most hugs will be shippy, though - in my experience large sections of fandom seem to have trouble conceiving of shows of affection that aren't either shippy or familial.
I think it's pretty easy and clear. Of course, I don't seem to be writing fic atm (notwithstanding that Christmas ficlet thing, which is an aberrantion rather than the norm, unfortunately), so probably won't take part. Unless throwing in the odd hug screencap here and there in wallpaper/icon/something along those lines is okay? Not as an official fill (ie please someone write a fic too), but as an added extra? *shrugs*

Hope the surgery goes well and doesn't hurt too much *hugs* Pain meds are wonderful things, I've found, after such like things.
Sounds fun and the instructions seem clear enough.

I'm not sure if I'll be able to participate though since I have enough writing projects atm and Real Life is also kicking my ass.

Fingers crossed that the surgery goes well!
This sounds like fun! My creativity's been all in fits and starts lately, but I'd love to try writing some short stuff.

And I think your system sounds really good. Not too complicated, and not too many steps to read through. LOL, and while, as you said, one would think hugs would not invite over-the-top shippiness by default... Sometimes prompts which are very explicitly specified as gen, and in fact have no logical reason to turn shippy at all, get answered by fics in which the entire resolution to the issue is out-of-the-blue making out and an invitation to a three-way, sooo. /Illustration from experience. I think it helps to allow people to specify, at least, to reduce those incidents for situations where people do have those REALLY STRONG FEELINGS. (If only because it's more fun all around when the reaction to a fic is ":D I've been wanting to see that!" and not "D: ... what.")
Also ack, yuck for surgery. I hope everything goes smoothly and your recovery's as painless as possible!
Thank you! :) I don't anticipate problems - fingers crossed my optimism is warranted, heh.