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My Yuletide fics this year

The Yuletide reveals are out! I wrote:

And Still of a Winter's Night (Benjamin January Mysteries, 10K, gen; When a young woman turns up dead during Carnival, Shaw needs Ben's help with the investigation -- or, rather, Dominique's.)

I read six or so of the books back at the beginning of December in preparation for writing the story (this series has a very distinctive narrative voice) and I really wanted to talk about them, but I didn't want to tip my hand! Working on this story was a lot of fun. (sheron is probably laughing now because she got to be the recipient of all my wailing and gnashing of teeth about it, but it actually WAS fun, and I made her read the first book in case I needed to discuss plot woes with her, which as it turned out I didn't; it all went together nicely. Also, belated thanks to wordsofastory for doing a canon beta on it for me!)

I had already picked out this person's letter for possible treating, so I was halfway to planning to write a story based off my favorite of their prompts anyway, and opening up my email to find THIS as my assignment was probably the first time that I've gone "EEEEHEEEE" rather than "nooooo, why did I offer that canon /o\".

The other two things I wrote were treats for a book series it so happens I had JUST finished rereading when Yuletide prompts were revealed, and I discovered that more than one person wanted fic in this fandom with exactly the characters I like best, so I decided to try writing some. The stories are both fairly similar: gen 1960s-era cozy spy fic.

The Spy Who Came to Christmas (Mrs. Pollifax series, Emily + Farrell + supporting characters, 8200 wds; Mrs. Pollifax anticipates a quiet holiday with her daughter Jane's family, but instead there's spy trouble afoot.)

Playing the Odds (Mrs. Pollifax series, Emily + Farrell, 3100 wds; Tag scene after the main action in The Unexpected Mrs. Pollifax. She promised to visit him in the hospital, and Emily Pollifax always keeps her promises.)

The books, by the way, are adorable. The quality is uneven, as you might expect for a long-running series that was written over about 40 years, but the first one in particular is really good (if you are willing to swallow the basic premise of an elderly widow who semi-accidentally becomes a CIA operative due to an identity mix-up); it's one of my go-to books for feel-good friendship h/c. Also, having just spent most of the summer writing Agent Carter fic, this was not much of a departure. Actually, while I never got a Peggy-and-Jack vibe from these particular characters in the books, I noticed when I was writing them that it really felt like writing Peggy and Jack. Except with very different backstories for the characters, of course, and a 20-year age difference.

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Oh woe, made to read good books XD

I'm not sure how soon I'll be able to go back to the series, just because there's so much other stuff but it was fun. :)
Yeah, it's not like you have anything else going on right now. XD I'm glad you enjoyed it, though!