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Yuletide recs

Sneaking in with some Yuletide fic recs before reveals ...

I already recced the story written for me - Troublesome to Others, But A Torment To Themselves (Vorkosigan series, Mark/Kareen + Miles) - but really, it's great and I just had to say again how delighted I was with it. :D

I have definitely read more than this, but these are the ones I bookmarked and therefore the only ones I can remember to rec. See, this is why I should have done this a week ago.

Bird and Bear and Hare and Fish (Dark Tower, gen, team) - This is amazing, one of the best fics I've read in any fandom. Wonderful interweaving of character feels with thematic story elements and a genuinely twisty and hard-to-predict mystery. This is just good fiction, period.

Posh (Rivers of London, Guleed + Molly, set after The Hanging Tree) - I loved this glimpse of two characters who don't ever get to interact in canon.

Forces Impressed Thereon (Rivers of London, Nightingale & Molly) - Nice character study of these two, and the relationship they have. Set after the first book.

undying at midsummer (Dalemark Quartet, Navis) - Navis is one of my favorite of all DWJ's characters, and this is a lovely look at him, with a touch of magic that's perfectly in keeping with the books.

Needs Must (Red Dwarf, Lister & Rimmer) - What can I say, I still have a huge soft spot for these characters after all these years, and this is a nice glimpse of their kinda-almost friendship.

grace under pressure (Cadfael Chronicles, Cadfael & Hugh) - Perfect canon feel and a nicely handled mini-mystery. I should reread these books this winter.

Sure looks strange to me (Quantum Leap) - A casefic I really enjoyed; it feels like an episode.

Not in the stars to hold our destiny (Quantum Leap) - A nicely angsty/friendshippy "Sam leaps home" fic.

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