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That Livejournal thing

As many of you may have heard by now, Livejournal is now keeping its servers in Russia (websites' privacy controls, legal redresses in case something happens, and so forth are bound by the laws of whatever country the servers are physically located in), which is leading to a lot of account deletions from worried users in, mostly, the U.S.

I'm not planning on doing so; as far as I can tall, all the likely worst-case scenarios that I've seen discussed (an increased likelihood of credit card theft, having your personal information sold, theft/duplication of copyrighted material, etc) are already risks anywhere you have an online presence. I don't think people pulling up stakes and moving elsewhere are wrong to do so, especially if they're not using the site anyway; I just don't feel like I need to. The only thing I'm thinking about is maybe not renewing my paid account when it lapses so a) I don't have my credit card info on there, and b) am not financially supporting a business that is known to actively delete/suppress accounts on political grounds. Even so, though ... at least as far as the credit-card risk is concerned ... I've known people who had their credit card info stolen and used by thieves because of info leaks from Bank of America and Walmart, and I just tonight gave my billing info to an online site I've never heard of to buy an art book from Malaysia. idk. It's impossible to do business online without some level of risk.

However, I'm glad I have a journal mirror at DW. I'll still crosspost everything, and in all likelihood any new communities/journals I create from here on out will be DW-only, if only because of the added exodus from LJ and increased probability that LJ as a company, at least the English-language side of it, is tottering along on its last legs.

More information: here, here, here, and here.

(Though obviously if anyone wants to present an alternate POV in the comments that I'm not taking into account, feel free. Like I said, I don't mind other people doing it; I'm just not really feeling the need to, myself. Plausibly, as far as "bad things that are now more likely to happen," I think the most likely one is that LJ is now one step closer to the end of its internet-site life cycle and is just going to stop existing someday. So backing up is a good idea.)

btw, if I've friended you on LJ but haven't given you access on DW, just say something; it's not intentional, it's just that I never bothered strictly duplicating my circle/flist in the two places, and I don't have notifications of new friendings/circle-addings turned on, so I'll never notice if someone added me in the other place.

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I understand why people are deleting, but I guess I feel like, as long as I'm still using the site and enjoying it, there's no reason to stop? I don't really feel as if the situation has changed that much from how it was before.
Yes, that's pretty much my take on it, too, except that LJ never even had any credit card information from me. Also, I'm going to wait and see if the rumours about politically motived account deletions are actually substantiated, because so far all I've seen is hearsay.

So, yeah, I can't see any reason to leave at the moment either. (I did back up my journal, both on DW and offline, but I do that semi-regularly anyway.)
Yeah; obviously I think people should do whatever makes them feel safer/happier with their own journals, but I'm not seeing much of a likely downside to me, personally, in staying.
Yeah, I'm not going to delete my account either but I won't renew my icons and I'll go and make a personal blog over at imzy for my book "reviews" and squees about shows/movies to have a second base/backup for my (new) stuff (not that my stuff is special or something, but, yeah). I backed my LJ up on DW but since I'm not comfortable on DW I don't know if I'm going to use is or not... *sighs*

Why?!? Just, why? :(
That makes sense - at the very least I think backing up is probably a good idea. I don't think the worst-case scenarios are at all likely, but I do think this means LJ, or at least the non-Cyrillic side of LJ, will be going away at some point (probably not soon, but eventually).
I feel the same way. I've had a permanent paid account for years now; I won't give them more money, but I haven't done so in years.

I backed up my journal when I first started using DW, so all the post content is already backed up from before and I've crossposted everything since then.
Yeah, same re: backing up. I should get in the habit of running an occasional backup to grab the LJ comments too, just in case.
I've backed up my LJ using LJArchive, but I'd better mirror it at DW just in case. Sigh.
Yeah, I think it's a good idea to at least have that option available. Just in case.
I had a real concern about this when LJ was acquired by a Russian company many years ago, and consider that ship as sailed. I'm going to try crossposting more to DW though. And yeah, I haven't paid for LJ since the acquisition for the similar reasons.

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and consider that ship as sailed

That's pretty much how I feel. I really don't feel like this is a major change, given how things already are. However, backing up regularly to DW is probably a good idea, just in case the English side of the site goes away. Which is probably more likely now than it was before.
Okay, how do I back up to DW? *sigh* I'd better google that and sort it, just to be safe, and crosspost a lot more. But no, not deleting this LJ atm.
Backing up is pretty easy. You'll need a DW account, and then follow the instructions here:

You'll need to enter your LJ username and password, and then when you start the import, it'll copy all your entries and comments to your DW journal. Any existing entries on DW will be left alone (that is, it doesn't overwrite your whole DW journal, if you already have one there.)

If you decide to do it, just let me know if you have any questions or issues. I've run it on my journal a number of times, so I've gotten fairly familiar with the process!
I'm on DW at the same journal name as here. Please circle me there if we haven't already done so. :)
I'll add another vote to the "feel the same" type of thing for now. I have a DW account and I like it okay, but so many more of my friends post here on LJ than on DW that I don't ever bother checking DW, but I check LJ routinely. I suppose that, if we keep up the mirroring, etc., then eventually it'll be so that I can "just" check DW instead, but for now at least... I'm not changing much of anything either.
Yeah, I have fairly active flists/circles of people both here and on LJ (different fandoms seem to have more of a presence on one or the other site), so I'm not in any hurry to break up an existing community of people with fandom as fragmented as it already is!
I didn't realize many people were deleting.

I always figured I was at risk of some screw-up: maybe all the privacy settings will accidentally change to public, even on my super-duper-select-friends-only-locked posts (or even me-only). Maybe my real name will be linked to my LJ name. But I can afford these things. They might be upsetting and even a bit scary, but I don't think I can really get hurt, nor can anyone else in my posts. I bought a lifetime membership at some point, so they don't have my credit card number any more and won't get more money from me as things stand.

I can see why other people are more vulnerable, but I hope most people don't leave!

The funny thing is that I finally chose my first New Year's Resolution a few days ago, and it was to post more on LJ. Good grief!
Yeah, I think that's a factor for me too - there aren't likely to be any repercussions for me if my posts go accidentally public, if I get outed, etc. Which means I'm in a fairly safe position and don't have to worry too much. I know not everyone is.

I think you should keep your resolution! I'd love to see more activity in non-tumblr fandom.
I just heard about all this, and I did have a paid account, and I've just made sure to delete the credit card on file.. which luckily had recently expired, so hopefully it won't be stolen. And changed my password to something not in use or close to any of my other passwords.

I'll keep using LJ has I have, but I will not give any more money, and I'll actively look for DW mirrors to use.
I don't care much for dreamwidth but since everyone seems to be shifting I just imported my content there. It seems tad less user-friendly but I decided to give it a try. Do add me to your circle and I'll add you