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Bingo line achieved!

I posted another fic tonight (finishing up something I'd been working on for awhile).

Jumping Without a Net (Agent Carter, 3400 words, Peggy + Jack gen w/background Peggy/Daniel; Peggy has a parachute malfunction.)

This is for my h/c bingo "protection" square, and I have now finished a line on my h/c bingo card! \o/

Under the cut is my card with all 13 currently-completed fills, in case you missed something. (Which you may well have; I got kinda sloppy the last couple of months about properly cross-posting/putting up notifications of my fic. I'll aim to be better about that in the new year.)

scars restrained cuddling family body / mindswap
trapped together apocalypse drowning alien abduction begging
protection food poisoning WILD CARD (explosions) disappearing sensory deprivation
electrocution forced body modification skeletons in the closet wings abuse
hostages confession in desperate situation stranded / survival scenario wasteland loss of voice

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Ohhhh, that is a good idea - I was struggling with that square! I've decided I'm probably not going to do anything else with this card, though. I'd like to request another one before the end of the card request period instead, and have a whole new slate of prompts to play with. :D
Well, I COMPLETELY forgot until look through my tags that I actually signed up for trope bingo last year, and then failed to write a single square. Oops.
Yay! Congrats on getting a line... reminds me I need to work on my own card too!
Thanks! :D I asked them for a new card, because I'm a glutton for punishment apparently. XD
Congrats , completing a bingo can be difficult I stared at my gen card last year waiting for inspiration.

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