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December posting meme: Agent Carter season 3

sgamadison asked: Where would Agent Carter have gone if they'd gotten a season 3?

Well, obviously there's what I wanted out of a season 3, and what we realistically were likely to get ...

Season 3 would have almost certainly had to do with Peggy's brother (M. Carter) and the mysterious key. It was my hope, back when we still thought season 3 was a possibility (*sob*) that it would've been more espionage-focused, with a broader, more international scope. If the main season 3 arc plot involved Peggy looking for her brother, it would have lent itself very well to a more globetrotting theme for the season, possibly relocating to London entirely (or a film set masquerading as London, anyway), or having Peggy go back to England and to continental Europe to run down clues.

I also expected that season 3 would have moved closer to the founding of SHIELD, with Peggy ending up even more out of step with the government bureaucracy she works for. In the first season, Peggy was basically a free agent with few to no allies, working against everyone in the SSR, even at odds with Jarvis and Howard for part of the season. In the second season she'd picked up some friends, so instead of Peggy as a lone wolf vs. SSR, it was Peggy, Daniel, Jarvis, etc. vs. the SSR bureaucracy and Jack. There was some friction within Team Peggy, but nothing like season one. So season one was Peggy vs. the SSR, and season two was Peggy + her friends at the SSR vs. the shadowy conspiracy controlling the SSR. So, in the third season, I was hoping for Peggy + the SSR (now almost entirely on her side) vs. the entire government -- with Jack as an ally, of course (very much not dead, thanks) and the entire SSR, or what was left of it, coming into conflict with various governmental elements stirred up in season two, as well as whatever foreign agency was responsible for whatever happened to Michael. And basically all of this would've set up Peggy breaking totally from the government and forming a freelance organization along with her SSR allies, which would have happened in season 4 or 5.

So yeah, Peggy being a globetrotting spy, looking for her brother with the help of her friends, and possibly ending up a fugitive from the government for a little while, was what I was hoping for in the Season That Never Was.

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Oooooh! I want this so very much! This is brilliant, actually. Do you think with the cancellation of Conviction (which I enjoyed, even though no one else seems to have been watching it) we'll get maybe an Agent Carter movie? I'd settle for that. *sniff*
Nooooo! They've gone and cancelled Conviction?! I was really enjoying that *sob*

Though if we get an Agent Carter movie in it's place, well, I'd give up Conviction for that! :)

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Apparently so. Nothing official yet, but the ratings have been bad and they aren't ordering any more episodes.

I'm like you, I thought it one of the better new shows out there but if cancelling it might open the way for more Agent Carter...
SPOILERS for most recent episode
I thought it was better than a lot of similar shows. The last episode had an ending that, although I had suspected they might go that way, was not what you would normally expect. If it has been NCIS, for instance (a show I still love, so not dissing here, just using as an example), the ending would have been a last minute happy ending, not what we got.
Re: SPOILERS for most recent episode
Same here. I confess, I haven't watched the last couple of episodes yet because I'm a bit bummed at knowing there aren't going to be any more. But I'll get to them eventually. :-)
They canceled Conviction? Oh, no! I just Googled, hoping you were wrong, but sadly, you weren't.

I had some problems with it, but on the whole, I enjoyed it, and I was hoping it would be given a chance to improve.
Yes, they did. I'm sorry too because TBH there's not a lot on TV right now I want to watch. So much of it is so dark and violent without enough hope to offset it. :/
I'm watching both Flash and Supergirl right now. :-) But I can't shake the feeling that 2016 is all Barry Allen's fault... ;-)
Ahahaha! I remember you saying that now, I forgot you already watched it :D