December posting meme: Harrison Wells and the multiverse

... so I kinda fell off the schedule just a tiny bit. Ahem.

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Soooooo I TRIED to make a sensible, thinky post, but instead it turned into an explosion of random feels. sorry not sorry

First off, I love what the DC TV shows are doing with the multiverse, and I sincerely hope they don't plan on having some sort of Crisis on Infinite Earths-style event to put an end to it. Which they probably do, because DC. But in the meantime, it's just so much fun. Among other things, it means they can have shows operate under completely different rules (like Supergirl vs. the Flash/Arrow/etc shows) and still exist in the same 'verse with the possibility of crossovers.

And we get to see the actors play multiple versions of the same characters, which is always a treat. I have always enjoyed canons that give us canonical AUs, and in these shows, as in a few others (e.g. Fringe, Stargate) it's baked into the whole concept.

And, well. ♥ HARRISON ♥

I am still impressed at how differently Tom Cavanagh embodies different versions of the same character. Harry isn't Eobard, both of them are drastically different from HR, neither of them is like Earth-1 Harrison, etc. And yet, for the most part, you can see how the same underlying character could turn into each of those different people. Harry is plausibly a more cynical and damaged version of Earth-1's happier and more well-adjusted Harrison Wells (er, happier until he died tragically and horribly, I suppose), and HR is a version in which the scientific genius of the other Wellses we've seen has been redirected in a different way. (Assuming he is a Harrison Wells; I'm still holding out a small grain of skepticism that he might not be. But he works as a Harrison Wells sans science.) Eobard is very different, of course, since he's a different person to begin with.

My Harrison Wells feelings are mainly Harry feelings at the moment, although HR is growing on me. But. Harry.

He kind of had me at hello. This is why it really gets to me that all of these characters are played by the same guy, because I just don't think of them as the same person at all, and reacted to them very differently from the start. Harry seems to have mashed down buttons in my id from his first couple of scenes.

He's just so fascinatingly not Eobard. Eobard is all control; he's silky and smooth and thinking 5 steps ahead of everyone. And Harry is this barely contained mess. XD I think the best thing about Harry is that he tries to be that in-control guy, and he's terrible at it. Messy emotions keep bursting out all over: explosions of temper, explosions of feels -- basically he keeps trying to be what Eobard is naturally (a calm, self-controlled chessmaster) and he ends up being a messy bundle of badly contained emotions instead. He's angry and grouchy and scruffy; he throws things when he's mad; he keeps having ~feelings~ for people even when he's trying not to; he's pretty much just one desperately-trying-to-control-himself feelings leak. His one almost-successful attempt to chessmaster his way out of a situation (stealing Barry's speed) fails not because he does it badly but because he's not ruthless enough to pull it off; he cracks and does the right thing instead. And then he has to deal with the consequences all throughout the rest of the season. (I remember feeling gut-punched when Harry killed the guy in 2x10, because Harry, I didn't think you were that person ... and so, I love that the murder has repercussions right up until the last few episodes; he ends up having it kick him in the face and blow up his relationship with the person he values most. And he tries very hard not to be that person anymore.)

The thing about Harry is that he could have taken a different turn and become a supervillain. He came close. And then he walks himself back from that. His basic decency, and his love for his daughter (and eventually his friends on Earth-2) just won't let him. He recognizes what he's done and tries to make it better. By season three, he's pretty much dedicated his life (at least for the near future) to fixing what he broke on his Earth. It's not entirely a redemption arc because he wasn't that bad to begin with, but it hits all the best redemption arc buttons, where it's constant temptation and struggle and an uphill battle to get people to trust him, but eventually he manages to do it, and it's pretty much the best thing ever. All the hugs at the end of season two. eeeee.

Also, I will never stop finding it adorable and hilarious that since he couldn't stay on Earth-1 to help his friends, he went and FOUND ANOTHER HARRISON WELLS to help them. That's so ... him. (And kinda went like most of his plans do. Oh, Harry. You tried.)

I just have a lot of thoughts and feels about Harry.

And I hope that we'll see more Harrison Wellses eventually, because the actor is just about Tatiana Maslany-class at doing alternate takes on the character. We haven't found out anything about the Earth-3 Harrison yet (if there is one), or whether Supergirl's Earth has one of its own! I like this general trend of Tom Cavanagh playing a different version of his character every season.

Also, I want to see Harry have to spend time with HR, because that would be comedy gold.

It seems fitting to conclude with Tumblr's Harrison Wells version of the cinnamon roll meme, which is one of the more character-appropriate versions of it that I've run across, and also hilarious.

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Perfect cinnamon roll meme is perfect. TC is really brilliant with this character and all his iterations. :)

My daughter LOVES Harrison... and Tom Cavanaugh... so much so that I got her a very cheesy Harrison Wells sweatshirt for Christmas so she can wear it while she watches The Flash. I can't wait to see her face when she opens it. *g*

Perfect cinnamon roll meme is perfect.

ISN'T IT JUST. :D Normally on these things, there's usually one or two that make me think "huh, they're kind of reaching", but that one -- yep. Perfect. (Does this mean next season we'll get the "looks like he can kill you and can actually kill you" version of Harrison? OH NOOOO.)

And that is a wonderful present! I bet she'll be thrilled. <3
I think the best thing about Harry is that he tries to be that in-control guy, and he's terrible at it. Messy emotions keep bursting out all over: explosions of temper, explosions of feels -- basically he keeps trying to be what Eobard is naturally (a calm, self-controlled chessmaster) and he ends up being a messy bundle of badly contained emotions instead.

Thiiiiis! I absolutely love this characterization, and yeah, Harry also had me at Hello. I think I pretty much watched 2x04 and went..yep. XD But of course 2x12 is when I knew the love was real XD

*goes to see cinnamon roll meme*

In a way it's the best of all possible worlds, because I loved the actor in season one (I remember seeing cast pics when the show first came on, and he was the one who intrigued me most), but the character is just SUCH A CREEP. And then he comes back playing a much more sympathetic character! And he's just so good at doing different roles and vanishing into them. I actually keep forgetting that HR is played by the same guy, he's so different.
:D Man, this is making me even more anxious to watch S3. (We only get 2-3 channels, and which ones we get changes apparently at random.) I've been debating whether I actually have the patience to wait til it shows up on Netflix or if I'm gonna have to cave and buy the episodes... starting to think I'm not gonna last that long.

But Harrison Wells, YES. So, so much love for him. I reeeeally hope too that they keep the possibilities open when it comes to parallel universe hopping. It's such an awesome way to have all these alternate versions of characters and have them able to interact and bring in Supergirl, for instance, without it becoming a constant question of why characters who would be overpowered or too convenient for a particular plotline aren't getting involved.
I think you can actually watch the last 5 or so episodes streaming on CW's site, so if you jump on it now, you'd only have to buy the first 3 of the season. *tempts*

I sincerely hope they don't somehow do away with the multiverse in future seasons. It's so much fun and so full of possibilities. I can't wait to see more new versions of the characters, and I think they could keep it going for years yet without it ever getting stale.