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I'm reading Archie comics again; how did this happen

So I picked up the first tpb of the Mark Waid/Fiona Staples Archie, and it's actually ... good?! In a very homagey kind of way -- having read a lot of these comics when I was a kid, I like how Waid is incorporating a lot of the old comics' tropes (such as the JD-on-Scrubs-style dips into fantasy, or the asides to the reader) and yet somehow manages to stay on the "cute and funny" side of the line instead of tipping over into "embarrassingly cheesy." I liked it enough to go ahead and get the second of the collected volumes as well. I think that was about all I can handle for awhile; I've reached my limit for semi-pointless teen love-triangle shenanigans for the time being -- especially knowing that it's unlikely to ever be resolved in any way, because it's Archie comics -- but I did have fun and I don't regret buying them. I particularly like the new take on Betty, who was always my favorite character back in the day, and is even more so now.

(They only have Staples for the first 3 issues, but the later artists are pretty good too.)

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I saw the new Archie in a volume at the library and I thought about picking it up after the holiday
I'd say the first volume is worth checking out, at least! It gets repetitive after awhile, but it's a lot of fun.
Have you heard about the Archie series that's going to be on CW? It's... very much not Archie. The preview is over on Youtube if you haven't seen it, yet.