Avatar-Katara waterbend

So cool!

Whoa, for those of you who like Sara on Arrow/LoT (Sara is my BAE ♥) you have got to see this video of Caity Lotz practicing her stunts:


SHE'S REALLY DOING THEM. Those spinny flip kicks that Sara does? She's not on wires and it's not a stunt double. The actress can literally flip herself upside down, twirl through the air and land on her feet. She does parkour too! Apparently she was a dancer and stunt double before getting into acting, so she still does all her own stunt work and martial arts on the show.

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That was awesome. I love fight choreography vids, and gymnastics vids, and here we get a twofer!
That's somehow even more awesome!! I know Stephen Ammel does a lot, but I love that Caity (and others) does her own, too!! And I <3 Sara and just ... yeaaah. Awesomeness all around.

And Stephen on the salmon ladder?? That's not exactly a stunt, but geeeez!! YOW!!
Damn! Thank you so much for linking to that! I've been watching (mostly because there's not a lot on) in large part because I really like her and her character. Now I really like her! (It's amazing how much my love for an actor can grow when I learn they're as kick-ass as their character).
tringasolitaria here again. Thanks for that - that's awesome. I adore Sara - she's amazing.
Caity Lotz is so awesome, one of my favorite parts of the whole DC TV verse. (Arrow was at its best with Sara in it, still miss her there!)
I've spoken with a stunt\actor before ;he said he was paid double but has to work longer hours. also, he has to call his mom once a week to assure her he's okay. ^_^