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December posting meme: Fandom appeal

leesa_perrie asked: Pick a fandom and tell me what got you so excited about it.

Ooh fun. :D

You know, there's a general, overall answer to this, and I'm answering with that, rather than with a specific fandom example, because this is something I've kinda wanted to make a post about for awhile. I can actually peg the specific combination of factors that tends to draw me to something fannishly. There are always exceptions, but most things that have gotten their hooks in me have the following factors: worldbuilding that is clever, fun, and interesting enough to make me want to explore the world more, but not so tight that there's nowhere to insert my own imagination; an ensemble cast with a number of different characters I like in different ways; and a character relationship (or much more rarely, an individual character) that pings my id. And for the latter, the relationships that make my id go "zing" are usually (though again, not always) either an antagonistic friendship with combined elements of love and situational distrust, or two characters who start out disliking each other and fall in "like".

You'd think with a roadmap that detailed, I'd be better at guessing what I'm going to like, but the subjective elements are SO subjective (and so hard to recognize at first glance) that I have a long history of initially dismissing the things I later fell in love with. There are a few things I've glommed onto from the first episode, e.g. Agent Carter, but it's more common for me to go the route that I went with shows like Stargate Atlantis, White Collar, or more recently Flash, where my first reaction to it was disinterest, and then I watched enough episodes to have it grab me.

So actually that's more of a general answer than a specific answer, but I guess that's the way my brain rolls tonight. :D

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I'm so used to feeling like 'meh this isn't my show' about things I end up liking eventually that I've trained myself not to listen to it now until I've watched at least a few eps. (I dismissed SPN the first time I watched it for half a season because "I don't watch horror shows" and look how that turned out.) There are also shows that make me instantly fall in love (e.g. I knew AC was going to be my show from the first episode, same with SG-1) but that's very rare.

As for two characters who start out disliking each other and fall in "like"...yessssssss. Guaranteed to get me where I live. Amusingly, I'm currently following that exact thing with Steve&Tony ahahaha. I never thought I'd be going back to the 'Avengers' movie to rewatch their interactions there (because of course I'd never paid enough attention to it while I was watching it for all the other feels)
Ha, yeah, I need to learn to stop making snap judgments about shows, because I'm so often wrong. I tend to need more than one episode to fall in love with a set of characters. Or sometimes a lot of episodes ... I'm still glad I gave Flash a chance after the first couple of eps turned me off.

I'm glad you're having happy Avengers feels right now! :D
Great answer!! I've had a mixture of shows I feel for from the first episode, and shows that have grown on me - sometimes without me realising! I think I tend to go for an individual character first, though in a team/friendship dynamic (I love team shows). As for who I choose, well, that varies so much I can't always guess, but techie people often draw me, or the side kick, or the 'seeming coward who is actually quite bravery' - or else the ornery loner learning to be part of a team (Rodney). I also have a big thing for redemption-type characters - again Rodney, but also Neal in a different way. And, of course, I do like them to be a little angsty!!

And then there's those fannish obsessions that can't be explained. Like Bernard the Flamingo, lol! :D (I do tend to go for animals too, like Satchmo in WC, or Bear in POI, but an animal isn't enough to make me fannish or watch the show.)
Yeah, I've had a few that drew me from the beginning, and others that took awhile. Sometimes I can guess what I'm going to like (often from other people's reactions to it) but some of the ones that get me hardest are the surprising ones ... in part because the surprise is part of the appeal!