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December posting meme: Forever Knight

ride_4ever asked: What first got you into Forever Knight fandom?

That's kind of a two-part answer: what got me into the show vs. the fandom (I mean, to the extent that I AM in the fandom, to which the answer is "kinda").

Okay, so, the show. It was 1992 and I was 15, and it was weird and quirky and fun -- also, there wasn't really a whole lot to watch late at night. I wasn't really into vampires per se, but I did really love what we now think of as urban fantasy; it wasn't recognized as a genre then, but basically weird stuff happening in a contemporary environment. I liked it even before I knew it was a thing.

The season three premiere aired the fall I went off to college, and I still remember quite vividly staying up late to watch it in the dorm lounge, only to feel utterly betrayed by the character deaths in that episode. I think it was rarer then than it is now for a show to just kill off half its cast in one episode, because it certainly made an impression on me. I abandoned it with extreme prejudice and never watched another episode. (I still haven't seen the rest of season three.)

Circa 2005 or so, I got to thinking about the show again, found out it was on DVD, and bought and rewatched seasons one and two, so I ended up having a little mini-FK revival. That's when I discovered there was fanfic for it -- quite a lot, actually, and quite a lot of caseficcy gen, which was basically all I read back then. (It's still what I prefer, but I've since branched out into shippier fic than I used to read at the time.) Actually, looking back on it, I think FK might've been what got me back into fandom after I quit in 2003 -- for complicated reasons, but mainly it had to do with moving, starting a new full-time job, and generally wanting to stop writing fanfic and focus on original stuff instead ... with the result that I basically didn't write at all for a couple of years, because, as I have now realized, my creative brain just doesn't work like that. I used to be mainly fannish about anime, and then when I quit and restarted, it was mostly Western TV shows that I was into, and I'm pretty sure my rewatch of FK was the first thing to grab me in that way.

I never really got into FK in a major way, though. I went through that mini-obsession period in 2005 where I was reading all the fic, and then a few years later I participated in one of [personal profile] brightknightie's FK fic exchanges (which are very well run, btw; she's a great mod and it was a fun time). I think in order to get back into it now to a large enough degree to write fic, I would need to watch at least a few episodes at a time when I don't really have anything else taking up front-burner fandom space in my head.

However, even though it's not a major fandom for me, I have a lot of fond memories of it, and still enjoy it.

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Great detailed answer! (BTW, when I watched all of season three I was mostly yelling at the television, and I didn't know about fandom yet so I was ALL ALONE with the horrible feelings.)
I didn't know about fandom yet so I was ALL ALONE with the horrible feelings

I FEEL THIS SO HARD. XD In some ways it's so much easier now that we can go on the internet and scream at people when things like that happen! (Other memorably traumatic events of my television-watching childhood: the Quantum Leap series finale, that endless stretch of weeks between Victoria's Secret and the episode after that -- I actually remember Victoria's Secret now as having been the season finale, except Wikipedia says it wasn't, but THAT'S HOW LONG IT FELT -- and Roy Fokker's death on Robotech, which as far as I can tell seems to have traumatized an entire generation of children about my age, because in the days before ubiquitous anime, we had no idea that cartoon characters a) could be hot, and b) could DIE.)
Aaauuggh, the Quantum Leap finale! Eeeeek, Victoria's Secret in dS! (And at one point in time VS was being considered as the show finale! How much would that have sucked like a sucking thing?!)

I don't know the show Robotech, but I still feel ya on what you are saying about a) hotness and b) character death.
And at one point in time VS was being considered as the show finale!

AAAAAAAA. Wow. I guess that might be why it felt like an ending, but omg. That would have suuuucked.
It was fun reading about someone else's experience of the show. I was a junior in college in the fall of 1992, and a friend came back to school telling me about this awesome late-night vampire show she had discovered over the summer, so I tuned in to check it out. I honestly don't remember which episode was my first, but I do remember being hooked fast and hard. I went to my brand-new computer with its 2400-baud modem and Prodigy membership :-) and discovered that there were other people out there who loved it and wrote stories about it, both on Prodigy (then a couple of years later AOL) and in paper zines that I could order - heaven! So FK was really one of my earliest experiences of fic and larger fandom.
You were way ahead of me on fandom! :D I didn't find out about it 'til I was in college in the mid-90s, and didn't really start actively seeking it out until a few years later. Looking back on it now, I can recognize what I WOULD have been fannish about if I'd known such a thing existed.

And yeah, it's always fascinating hearing other people's stories of how they found and enjoyed these things we share; I love hearing other people talk about it, too. Especially now that we're decades farther along and things have changed so much!
FK is a weird one for me because I don't remember if I watched it before or after I knew about fandom. I never did watch past all the deaths, and I think I kind of purged it from my mind after that happened. *g*
Ha, yeah, it's one of my early experiences of being burned badly by a TV show, and it took me over a decade to get over my bitterness enough to go back and rewatch the first two seasons. XD (Actually, looking at the dates there, I was surprised to find out it was only 10 years or so -- it felt like a lot longer. Why does the time span between 1995 and 2005 feel like so much longer than between 2005 and now??)
In retrospect what amuses me is that Nick was a Toronto cop. It's also kind of surprising how many tv shows that I used to follow in the earlier days were Canadian :)
Somehow my mom came across Forever Knight and she told me about it. It happens a lot, my mom tells me about a show and I start watching it and get obsessed over it. Oh season 3, I don't know why I let myself suffer through that season. I shipped Nick/Nat seriously by then and I guess I was just holding out for a happy ending for them. I feel like that picture of Captain Picard with his hand covering his face when I think about it.
Oh man, season three was just ... trauma, on every level. XD (I did spoil myself thoroughly for the ending after the season was over, and basically made this face at the screen a lot. DDDD:) It's one of the only shows where I think there might be some actual validity to the tinhat theory that TPTB hated the fans, because how else can you explain a show DOING what that one did??
LOL. I didn't know about that theory that tptb really hated the fans, but then I had only read some fanfic and hadn't gone any further in that fandom.