Winter Sunlight

Prompt meeeeee

So here's the state of my h/c bingo card:

hc bingo card 2016-done-greenbrown

I'm SO CLOSE on a couple of these lines! In particular, either the "apocalypse" or "wasteland" square would give me a bingo right there. I'm also partway done with one for "protection" (which may or may not get finished) and if I do manage it, then I could do a bingo with either "sensory deprivation" or "hostages."

But I'm stuck, stuck, STUCK.

Give me prompts, please? Especially for the above-mentioned squares, but any of them will do.

Fandoms I currently think I can write:
Agent Carter
The Flash
Legends of Tomorrow
White Collar (maybe; AUs preferred)

Fic is by no means guaranteed to result, but all I have to do is crank out 500 words for any of these, if I could only come up with an idea that clicks.

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You could write me that Tony in Siberia post-CW fic for 'wasteland'. :P

Mostly joking. Although I would SO read any take on the Sam&the rest in exile that you might have for MCU right now (e.g. "hostages"? idk)
one small square for hcbingo, one giant leap for this fandom.

plus snow h/c, c'mon, it needs your magic touch...

(i AM actually mostly joking, although it amuses me how suitable it is to your writing proclivities)
Would love a story of Peter and Neal in an apocalypse. Karnek13 has some awesome manips - WC
Wasteland - Barry speeds up to another Earth where Central City is very different
Hostage & Sensory almost lends itself to any fandoms

Apocafic is one of my most favorite sub-genres. But, you could twist it around by having any characters watching X-men: Apocalypse. The Flash could be dissecting, or marveling over the Quicksilver rescue scene at the Mansion. Or in MCU, Hulk could be talking about how very puny and weak Apocalypse is.

Sensory Deprivation. MCU. Cap is kidnapped and the Hydra psychiatrist figures out he has a sub-conscious fear of being frozen in ice. They do it, and give him drugs so he stays conscious... (I'd sort of like anyone but Tony to rescue him, but I might have an anti-Tony minority view.) I guess that could work for hostage too.
White Collar Sensory Deprivation: We all know Peter struggles with physical weakness (ie. illness of any kind). He loses his sight or hearing, during a December op gone badly, and suffers the aftermath through Christmas. (Bonus points for discovering you can let down your guard and allow others to protect you). :)

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Apocalypse: It doesn't have to be a literal apocalypse, just something that would virtually be the end of a character''s world. Losing something they feel they can't live without - families or loved ones - or maybe the world changes so much that they don't feel they belong in it (could be a thing for Steve). Also, there have been many almost-end of the worlds in the MCU. Maybe the aftermath of one of those for any of the characters?

Wasteland: The last prompt above could also be a prompt for this - saving the world from its end leaves behind quite a mess. And someone has to clean it up. I can imagine Moz carefully cataloguing everything he finds and weaving theory after conspiracy theory.