Avengers-Peggy smile

Legends of Tomorrow 2x07

... and the Invasion crossover generally.

THAT WAS SUCH A PILE OF HAPPY FEELS. I don't think I've stopped smiling since the episode finished. I do not even care that the plot didn't make one single ounce of sense.

The earlier Invasion eps were fun, but the Legends one ... THAT was EVERYTHING I wanted from a comic book show mega-crossover. Cross-show bonding and group hugs and everybody doing their bits with their own special skills to save the day and ... just ...


Okay, so, still cheerfully flailing at:

- Felicity and Cisco geeking out together over spaceships and traveling in time and SAVING THE DAY WITH BADASSERY ('we've been saved by the geeks' lol)
- Cisco realizing how easy it is to screw up the timeline and making up with Barry and risking teleporting himself into the cold void of space and basically just ♥ CISCO ♥
(also, if he can make breaching/cross-dimensional comm devices now, I am just gonna headcanon that he vibes over to Earth-2 to give one to Harry and Jesse as soon as the afterparty is over and things get back to normal)
- Mick flying the Waverider and giving ~inspirational leader speeches~
- Sara flying the Waverider to catch a HUGE FUCKING BOMB in her tractor beam omggggg
- Barry trying to give himself up to save the planet because of course he does and 'you and what army' and :DDDDD
- Kara being HER DARLING SELF ALL OVER THE PLACE and also finding sneaky ways to dispose of inconvenient government spooks without hurting them
(although someone should really tell her about A.R.G.U.S before she makes TOO many suggestions along those lines)
(also I wished she and several others had gotten to do a bit more, but things were pretty crowded with this many characters in the ep, plus her support staff/subplot-generating team are on another planet)
- The new President is A+, let's keep her
- GROUP. HUG. XD (Barry: "Group hug! :D" Kara: ":D :D!" Oliver: "fml...")

So, yeah, that was utterly delightful and I am awash in feels.

I had been really looking forward to next week's Flash ep because it's the Christmas one and those seem to always be a) adorable, and b) the episodes in which shady Wellsian shenanigans occur (i.e. we might get some more clues about HR), but I think very few things are likely to top this one as a season highlight.

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That was so *fun*. I enjoyed all of it. I think my biggest laugh came at Ray's "she reminds me of my cousin" line, which Dink (my daughter) and I had to explain to my hubby because it went over his head at first. XD My only nitpick: I wanted a wee bit more out of the Cisco-forgiving-Barry scene.

But Barry and Ollie going out for beers? Brilliant. I love those two together. Ollie is so dour and Barry is such a puppy and even though Ollie has lightened up a little and Barry has a little more weight on his shoulders, the dynamic is still there (and Ollie not wanting to hug... XDDDDD)

We're really behind on LoT so we didn't have a clue who the red-white-and-blue armor suit leader guy is (don't tell me because we'll eventually watch all the eps), but when she saw his armor, Dink announced he was Iron Man and Captain America's love child and that Civil War must be over. I... couldn't really find an argument. XD
Ollie having to deal with these cheerful huggy sunshine-puppies is always going to be the best thing ever. :DDDD

And yeah, the Cisco-forgiving-Barry scene was awfully low-key, but I try to keep my expectations, shall we say, sensibly managed for this show, since it's not always the best with payoff. XD I was just so glad they didn't keep that storyline going for another few episodes, since having the two of them that much at odds was hurting my heart.

... lol at your daughter's observation. She definitely has a point!
I watched all the eppys of the crossover except Legends :) Now I'll def watch it over this week end!

As a very casual watched I was a bit weary of all the soap opera type stuff, but I DID enjoy pretty much everything Barry, Felicity, and Cisco. I adored Kara more in this than in her own show but they didn't give her much to do. It was adorable though how much everyone was in we of her :)

I'm a sucker for these type of mega-team-ups because it's fun and now I really want o watch The Flash and Supergirl crossover I missed. I think I saw the first Arrow/Flash backdoor pilot thing but there was a second one, right?
The Legends one is the best IMHO. :D And yeah, crossovers are fun! I really enjoy having all these shows happening in the same universe, so they can do that.

There are several different Arrow eps with the Flash characters. I ended up going on imdb.com to track them all down.
I agree with you on all points. The crossover got better with each episode.

It think fans of LOT were probably disappointed it wasn't more LOT-ish, but overall fans of CWDC were all very happy.

BTW - if you ever want to write for the Flash fandom, there's a comm for it here on LJ: theflashfanfic. It's kind of quiet because all of the fandom exists on AO3 and tumblr, but it's a place to crosspost. There is an active LOT fandom comm - lot_fans, which is probably THE most active comm on my Flist right now.

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Sweet; thank you so much for letting me know about the comms! I didn't know about these.

And yeah, I agree about the crossover getting stronger as the week went along. I was so happy with it! Although, yeah, looking back on it, the Flash/Arrow characters ended up dominating the whole thing, which was probably disappointing for fans of the other shows.
I would have loved more Supergirl interacting with the various teams, and yes - the LoT ep was really not much of a Legends story. I kind of felt like they'd actually crossed over into a Flash episode. But since I'm not really a LoT fan, I had no issue with that.

Did you get all of the in-jokes? My favorite was Ray commenting about how much Kara looked like his cousin.
I got a lot of them! I had to actually look that one up and then I was like "... oh." XD I guessed the general nature of what they were riffing on, but I wasn't aware he'd played Superman.

Having read comics for as many years as I have is both a blessing and a curse with these shows, because sometimes it gives me useful hints of what's ahead, or I can catch easter eggs they put in for the comics readers, but then there are times when things go a completely different way and it leaves me going "... wait, that's not what I was expecting at all. XD" It's good to be surprised, though! And with this particular set of comics universe, I'm not emotionally invested so I'm happy to roll with whatever the shows decide to do (as opposed to the Marvel netflix shows, where they happened to take a corner of the superhero universe that I'm really invested in, and I don't know how I'm gonna handle all the changes from the comics on that one ...).